On the Road to 50 MPG

Our journey to improve fuel economy began almost a decade ago with a strategy to stay ahead of potential emissions regulations. The resulting innovation and technology exploration roadmap became the foundation upon which we built our fuel economy strategy.

Our-Fuel-EconomyTo help achieve our long-term environmental sustainability objective, we set a 2027 goal of achieving a fleet average fuel economy greater than 50 mpg. That represents a 25% improvement from 2011 and a 15% improvement from 2017. For 2018, the fleet average fuel economy was 44.0 mpg.

Harley-Davidson has deployed a combination of product enhancements and technologies to improve fuel economy over the past several years. Our Advanced Engineering team continually evaluates the application of automotive and other technologies for improving motorcycle fuel economy. In some instances the technology is simply not transferable to a motorcycle and in others making the technology work would be cost prohibitive. Technologies and innovations the team is exploring include variable valve systems, further design optimization to reduce weight and friction and downsized direct injected and boosted engines, among others.

Learn more about our work in the 2018 Sustainability Report.