Fostering Positive Social Impact

Every day we cultivate positive social impact by working together to sustainably transform our communities and contribute to an enduring, ethical and equitable world, so everyone can love where they live. 


We are committed to driving meaningful change through collaborative partnerships in our home neighborhood, the Near West Side of Milwaukee, investments in youth programs that foster STEAM innovation, and empowering our employees to be champions of impact in their local communities.

Revitalizing Our Home Neighborhood 

Five anchor institutions, including Harley-Davidson, formed Near West Side Partners in 2015 to make the neighborhood a great place to live, work, play and stay. We are investing to accelerate transformative and meaningful change for all neighborhood stakeholders.   

Davidson Park

To deliver on the community’s desire for more green space that supports gathering, health, well-being, and arts & culture, the Harley-Davidson Foundation will transform a central element of our Juneau Avenue campus headquarters into a new public park. 

Our ambition for Davidson Park is an inclusive, vibrant community gathering place that revitalizes the neighborhood through sustainable practices and serves as a recreational, civic and cultural destination welcoming all who visit and call the Near West Side home.

The park will be open and welcome all to enjoy, gather, and connect with one another. 


Building Collaborative Partners: The Hunger Task Force Farm 

An example of our collaborative partnership approach to social impact is The Farm. The Harley-Davidson Foundation was the founding partner of the Hunger Task Force Farm in 2012 and has been a strong supporter ever since. This 208-acre farm produces a wide variety of crops which are made available to local food pantries within 24-hours of harvest. Hundreds of Harley-Davidson employees have volunteered at The Farm, helping with planting and harvesting.

Inclusive Stakeholder Management Report

Take a deeper look at our progress through an inclusive stakeholder management approach. 

Supporting STEAM Outreach

At Harley-Davidson, we recognize the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) in education.  After all, without these skills, our products wouldn’t be possible. In partnership with local schools and community organizations, we strive to provide students with engaging opportunities that allow them to explore and experience STEAM concepts both in the classroom and within the walls of H-D, connect with our talented and passionate employees, and encourage career exploration in STEAM fields. Through our STEAM outreach activity, our aim is to help build the next generation of skilled workers, launch careers and light the spark for future innovators.

Promoting Employee Volunteering

Rooted in H-D’s Inclusive Stakeholder Management objective to prioritize people, planet and prosperity, H-D believes in empowering our employees to be champions of impact in their local communities through volunteering. We are “Here to Help.” 

We amplify our “Here to Help” philosophy through a month-long focused effort each April that elevates awareness, drives participation, and recognizes and celebrates our employee volunteers, while building momentum and enthusiasm for volunteering year-round.