ROC Harley-Davidson: The New kid on the Block

The new Face of H-D in Alberton 

As the local motorcycle market collectively holds its breath to see if 2019 can bring some respite to a prolonged period of austerity, the newest African Harley-Davidson player is delivering some much needed optimism to the industry landscape. 

Meet ROC (Ride of Choice) Harley-Davidson, the new kid on the block. A full scale H-D dealership located at the old Alberante location in Alberton, Johannesburg. After opening for trading in Q4 2018, the team at ROC H-D held a series of openings for media and VVIPs, followed by the general public, in January 2019. In attendence were key players from the industry across brand, manufacturer, and media landscapes, as well as hundreds of the region's motorcyle enthusiasts and club members. 


Meet the Team 

It was here that the media met Nathaniel Do Amaral, owner of ROC Harley-Davison, and his team of fresh-faced enthusiasts. Amoung them old H-D hands selected from around the region, as well as new faces coming from adjacent motorcyle disciplines. The team was sharp, energetic, and keen to engage with customers and media alike. . 


A Different kind of Dealership

Most notably this dealership sits alongside Nathaniel's other motorcycle outlet, FAST KTM. This is an intresting element in his dealership set up, and provides opportunities for the teams to cross market and sell to customer bases from each brand, using staff with a compliment of knowledge in varied motorcycle diciplines. For Harley-Davidson, this also offers an attractive opportunity to trade current owners of smaller capacity KTM models, onto H-D Street and Sportster models in a smoother transition & with a greater sense of trust than before.  

We welcome ROC Harley-Davidson to the family, and wish them all the success in the future!