Everything you need to know


Owning and operating a Harley-Davidson® dealership is the most unique business opportunity in the world. The dealership sells products and services to enthusiasts to make their journey even more enjoyable. Each area of the dealership is a component of a well-run, profitable dealership.

Motorcycle Sales

Harley-Davidson is all about motorcycles and motorcycling experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. And it all starts with the motorcycle. The Motorcycles Sales department is responsible for connecting motorcycles with owners so owners can fulfill their riding dreams.

New Motorcycles includes more than 32 models in 6 motorcycles families.

Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) are limited production motorcycles that are customized with Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories from the Factory

Police, Fleet and Firefighter. Law Enforcement Departments can purchase motorcycles built for dependability and performance. Individuals in law enforcement can purchase Special Edition Police and Firefighter models

Used Motorcycles are a generally trade-ins and can be a profitable area for most dealerships

Test Rides are an important part of a customer's purchase experience

Parts & Accessories

The Parts and Accessories department is where customers turn to keep their motorcycles looking and running great. Typically, there are three locations within a dealership where a customer can purchase P & A - These include the Parts Counter, The Design Center and the Service Counter.

Motorcycle parts and maintenance items help customers keep their motorcycles in top riding condition. These can be things from nuts and bolts to motor oil and tires. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM) are parts that Harley-Davidson produces. It's always best for customers to use OEM parts to insure quality, fit and function.

Motorcycle Accessories give customers an almost unlimited way to customize their motorcycles. Using Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories insures that each and every customer's bike is uniquely their own. Accessories include everything from LED headlamps to windshields to high performance engine modifications.

  • Fit - Making the motorcycle fit the rider - Like using a lower seat for more control.
  • Function - Adding items that enable the motorcycle to do more - Like a pair of saddlebags.
  • Style - Personalizing the motorcycle - Think Chrome.
  • Performance - Modifying the motorcycles to enhance the way it rides

General Merchandise

Motorcycling is a lifestyle and a Harley-Davidson® dealership sells clothing and gear that help people take part in that lifestyle.

When you ride a motorcycle, you need the proper gear - jackets, boots, helmet, gloves, etc. - for the maximum amount of comfort. Harley-Davidson offers a full-line of exceptional General Merchandise and Apparel products made specifically for riding, plus a wide selection of casual clothing and merchandise for every day.

  • Leathers
  • Gloves
  • Gifts and Collectibles
  • Helmets
  • Apparel
  • Eyewear

Motorclothes® products represent Harley-Davidson's premiere line of riding and fashion apparel.


All motorcycles need to be serviced, so the Service department is an important part of the dealership. The Service department includes:

Service Write Up - where the Service Writer works with customers to understand their needs and writes an estimate for service work that the customer understands

Service Bays - where the technicians do the actual service work

Harley-Davidson motorcycle technicians are highly trained professionals who have hands-on experience maintaining and repairing motorcycles. Many have attended Harley-Davidson University - HDU. HDU training programs are for technicians currently employed at a dealership, and offer extensive technical training for technicians at all levels of proficiency.