Why Ride?

Group ride down the open road

It's no coincidence that Harley riders are as passionate about their bikes as the ride itself.
Why do people ride? It's almost impossible to explain. Because there are roads and distant towns. Because we share a sense of adventure. Because we have the freedom to do it.
There are also practical reasons we ride motorcycles. For the commuter, motorcycles receive freeway access benefits, get great fuel mileage and are easy to park. For the touring rider, motorcycles bring you into the world instead of enclosing you from it. Others enjoy the challenge of riding, leaning into turns and feeling the motor beneath them. Motorcyclists connect with other riders in a way that goes beyond mere transportation, which is why many riders attend events and rallies.
Motorcycling is as much about people and events as it is back roads and riding. Motorcyclists are naturally drawn to other riders, and shared rides and experiences build the passion for the sport.
Rallies, fund-raisers and dealer rides are just some of the great ways motorcyclists meet and ride together. The Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) is the largest company sponsored motorcycle enthusiast group - one million members enjoy the camaraderie that this organization offers. The Motor Company also participates at many races and events throughout the year, and all riders are encouraged to join us. Check the Event Calendar for an event near you.
Functionally, a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is transportation. But mechanically, it is an object of raw beauty that can be customized to fit any rider.
It's no coincidence that Harley riders are as passionate about their bike as the ride itself. The flowing curves of the fenders, the smooth lines of the fuel tank, the piercing reflections from perfect chrome, the visual muscle of a big V-Twin engine - these are what set Harley-Davidson motorcycles apart from all others.
And, of course, the sound. No other motorcycle has the same heart pounding, pavement-thumping sound as the venerable Harley® V-Twin. It's a sound that's spanned generations, and it's as distinct as the people who ride.
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From its start more than 100 years ago, Harley-Davidson has had a profound impact on the sport of motorcycling and the people who love it. Learn about the making of a true American icon.