The Ride's Over, But the Adventure Continues

Posted on August 4th by Peter Reitzfeld

What a trip! This is my last blog, and tomorrow I have to get to work. I'm one of Harley's Team Sturgis Photographers, and will be covering every aspect of the Rally. Another tough gig, huh?

070727_pr_007 070727_pr_017

I've enjoyed blogging at the end of each day's ride, and want to say thanks to all that have kept up with me. It's been great reading your comments.

070728_pr_016 070728_pr_001

Walking down Main Street today and seeing all the vendors, motorcycles, and other riders that have made the journey got me thinking: a week ago, my world was very different. What has made this journey an adventure is all the experiences I've had along the way. I've watched the scenery change from urban landscapes to country farm-scapes, and have ridden on twisty, tree-lined roads and the super-slabs in between. I've had minor set backs and small triumphs. I've met good people and have seen new places. Doing all this on a bike adds a flavor you can't convey to someone that doesn't ride. How do you explain that riding for 2 hours in the rain can be relaxing, when sitting outside in the rain for 2 hours would be stupid? My point is, the most incredible part of this adventure has been the variety that makes up this country, and the freedom to go where my thoughts have led me. It's a trip I will always carry with me, and one I am grateful to have been able to make.

070729_pr_017 070728_pr_029

After a week alone on the road, I miss my family. But I know that when I get home, it will be like I was never gone. My kids will be a lot bigger, having grown in that way they only seem to do when you're gone for a bit. For now, it's out and into the melee that is Sturgis for one more week of incredible experiences.

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Article Comments
Posted on: Wed, Aug 22, 12:00 PM by thomasale
I enjoyed this blog very much. I live in Florida and have made this trip 3 times myself and each time I have had a new experience...btw don't underestimate the potential fall at slow speed...This past trip ended in disaster for me on the return trip I stopped on Colorado rte 9 for a photo op and dumped the bike as I was setting the kickstand. The bike fell on my left foot and I broke my ankle and leg...arggh. I'm 54 and this was my first bike injury and it came when I wasn't even least it didn't happen until after Sturgis!
Posted on: Wed, Aug 22, 10:05 AM by ajtesta
I to rode from Syracuse NY to Sturgis SD via Canada and the Fast Ferry to Milwaukee during the exact time period. I left Syracuse on July 31 and arrived in Sturgis on August 3rd. It was an awesome ride and yes we rode through the same weather good and bad. I stayed in the same towns along the way. You did an awesome job documenting your journey and expressing your inner thoughts. I agree with everything you said you were spot on, the only difference is I rode with five other bikers which brings its own dynamic into the journey. All the best and great job, I will riding back Aug 8th another 1650 mile journey to look forward too. Ride Safe, Tony Testa Syracuse NY
Posted on: Tue, Aug 21, 8:34 PM by vroomroadking
Hey Peter,Great blog I hope to make the trip someday . Thank you for the tip on the first Sturgis sign...Take care ride safe.........Big Al
Posted on: Mon, Aug 20, 4:42 PM by
your [getting there] writings where excellent........hope all went good,tim
Posted on: Sat, Aug 18, 1:32 PM by
hey,i enjoyed reading your blog,maybe i can take a ride like that someday,ride safe harry.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 17, 10:44 PM by imricker
Thanks for writing Peter, really enjoyed taking that ride with you. imricker
Posted on: Wed, Aug 15, 8:40 PM by Roy Mistretta
Hi Peter...I made the trip for the first time with my neighbor this year and just got back today...We both rode from Farmingville, Long Island, New York...I rode a Fatboy and he rode an Ultra Classic...This is a trip that everybody should do at least once...We had a blast...Like yourself, we were caught in 3 days of rain also...The return trip made up for it...We really booked coming home...Monday we did 720 miles...Tuesday we did 709...Today we did 440 miles to home sweet home...Great Blog...Very Nice Work...Thanks for the info...
Posted on: Tue, Aug 14, 7:17 AM by Roaddog52
The Sturgis rally is the Mecca of motorcycle events. I appreciate you keeping me informed on the trip I plan to make myself someday
Posted on: Tue, Aug 14, 6:32 AM by gweilo331
A lotta good memories. thank you...
Posted on: Tue, Aug 14, 6:17 AM by Ferris III
I always thought and heard that I was crazy for enjoying the relaxation of riding in the rain-not anymore. Hope to cross roads one day-God bless.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 13, 9:19 PM by Judy in Michigan
Hey, great Blog !!! It was my first Harley, 03 Fat Boy and my first ride to Sturgis.....longest ride for me yet. I put 716 miles on the first day out and 4,000+ in all. Whew! What a beautiful place South Dakota is. I did every ride I could in the time I was there. As soon as I got to Rapid City, I stopped at the Harley shop and had Kuryakyan heat sheilds and foot pegs installed... Best thing. Sheilds didn't make the trip home, but new ones are on the way to me right now. I love them. And what's upn with that Corncob Palace ?????? I was introduced to all the curves in the Badlands and I must admit, was freaked out by them. a little scared of heights. Black hills didn't bother me at all til I got to Iron Mt. YIKES !! I loved it all, tho. Spearfish, Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse is awesome. I saw James Caan and got a pic with that HOT Jesse James... ! WOW We came home thru the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Got caught in some rain 3 times over 10 days, but it was just part of the adventure. I can't wait to get my 5 rolls of film back. Keep up the great Blog and prayers go out to all the service men and women. Thanks.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 13, 5:05 PM by Arnold the hungarien
Peter!thank's for picture:)!see you at next year!
Posted on: Sun, Aug 12, 10:44 AM by skippyskywalker
dude wish you well on your trip i am a 30 year x- coalminer always wanted to do that
Posted on: Sat, Aug 11, 9:40 PM by 
kick ass
Posted on: Sat, Aug 11, 12:28 PM by Buck Guest- China Lake, CA
To Peter Turnley and Crowd Thanks for the fantastic daily coverage while I'm stuck in grad school. I was first acquainted by Peter's work in his 1991 coverage of the Unseen Gulf War. Grip & Rip Buck Guest
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 7:50 PM by Body snatcher Omaha,Ne
Thanks for the updates, couldn't get away this year people don't make appointments with me but next year I will plan ahead. One of the nicest rides in the country and the people you meet are the greatest. I love talking to the senior citizens that tag along with their older kids and love to see their responses that only Sturgis could give them.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 7:49 PM by Michael Barnes
This was my first Sturgis experience and I have to say that it was totally amazing. I met some of the neatest people that I never thought would even exist on this earth!! I'm counting the days for the next Sturgis rally! The women were out of this world! Wow! See you next year!!
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 6:08 PM by rule_of_3rds
The one and only time I was in Sturgis was 30 years ago. Would love to go back some day. We traveled through Sturgis, made our way to Seattle, down the coastline and back through Texas before arriving home in Illinois. My goal is to get back the time I lost and recapture my dreams of travel.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 5:24 PM by roadkinguy06
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 3:57 PM by wolfe
Great, this is what riding is about, seeing the U.S.A. Love the Pic.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 6:50 AM by Carla
Looking for pics of Ghost Town.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 6:32 AM by neelyj
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 6:03 AM by Mikey C.
Have been out there (Sturgis) 4 times and the pics and the stories has me wanting to go back in the worst way!!!! Of all the places I've traveled too, riding in the Black Hills are probably one of the most awesome experiances I've encountered.. I want to thank you for bringing me there mentally, will be back next year.... Ride safe all...Mike
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 2:42 AM by One of many in Iraq
I'm stuck in Iraq, but vicariously living the Sturgis expereince through this blog and website. Thanks all. I love the pictures of the Good Ol USA! Your Brothers in Arms & In Harms Way. Keep the rubber side down.
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 2:02 AM by PETER REITZFELD
This has been an incredible week. I've been keeping up with everyone's comments. They have all meant so much. I wish I could respond to each. The ones that speak loudest are from furthest away - the middle east. Last night, on Main St, I met a guy back from his 2nd tour. Home on disability, he's walking, talking & riding - but it's only by a stroke of luck that he's here (I don't mean just in Sturgis.) Godspeed to all of you overseas. My brother-in-law, Sgt. Jason Olivencia is a Casualty Liaison, stationed in Kirkuk doing his 3rd tour. If anyone knows him tell him I said to keep his head down and come home soon. (Good advice for the rest of you too.) And for some other enteries: -I have a 1995 Softail Custom, every mile on it is mine. -If you couldn't make it this time, don't worry Sturgis isn't going anywhere. Come when you can. -James - take the box of my stuff out of the Chevelle and put it in the back of our El Camino - oh, that's right, you got it stolen... -24/7 - I'm coming home baby.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 7:28 PM by a2004fatboy
Been there myself twice ! The ride is what its all about i couldnt imagine putting my bike on a trailer like so many do but each to his own ! Whatever anyone does they gotta ride Beartooth Pass! Its the best there is in my opinion !
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 1:37 PM by Old BIker Nick
Seen the pic's an the roads.And wish to thank you for letting me see them one more time. Been there seven times. And I will will be there next year as long as some one like you will tell me about the ride an the roads Love you for it Bro. Nick
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 12:03 PM by Victor L. Assid.
I am glad you made all the way to Sturgis in one piece. Next year my compadre and me are planing to do the trip. We live in San Diego, California. I hope you also can make the trip again, for us is going to be the first one. See you and take care. Victor.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 10:51 AM by Alex
Yeah my daughter Grace (8)seemed to have changed just in the week I was gone. Good job on your description. You said a lot about what its like. I went early bc I had a break in the work here. Hayden, Idaho thru Missoula, Butte, Bozeman, and Billings, Montana. Sturgis then going back, to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and back home. 2353.5 mi. Awesome. Do Lolo Pass Highway 12 in Idaho. Smokin. Come home safe brothers in arms.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 9:58 AM by Lynn from Iowa
I've enjoyed your pictures. I've got friends that go to Sturgis, and I've decided next year I will have my own bike and I will make the trip. I love riding, love the feel of freedom on the road and the wind in my face. There is nothing like it. Can't wait for more pictures. It all looks like quite an experience.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 9:17 AM by Xico, a brazilian rider...
Hi Pete As the others, I´d like to thank you for the beautiful pics,I´ve never been in Sturgis yet,but I think next year I´ll be arriving in USA with my own bike, I´m planing and saving money to this trip over the last 2 years ( the damn duties!), I´ll try to ride from Florida to Sturgis.Today in South America, is very common to find HD enthusiasts riding everywhere, and I hope God help me to finish this life project. Long life to you and participants .
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 8:43 AM by Graham Logie UK
What a fantastic way to pass time...beautiful country great motorcycles plenty of like minded people...
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 3:04 AM by George Ballantine
Stuck in Iraq 133 degrees wishing I was there from southern Baghdad enjoing the blog. G.B.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 1:15 AM by if I didnt have this job.......
thanks for the pics and stories. Due to a new job and no vacation time to take I had to miss Sturgis this year after being there the last 3 years. I miss it but your blog helps me remember the great times and look forward to next year.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 10:45 PM by harleyuralgirl
Checking out the awesome pics and wishing I could make it this year. Unfortuntely I am in Iraq, but I will be there next year on my '04 Fat Boy. Cant wait to make my own scrap book of pictures.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:46 PM by sabotage tattoos
have rode to sturges would like to go to NY do you know of any shops that would trade locations for a short time any interest chech back with me i do have shop health and city license
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:08 PM by Gryer, NY
Great blog. Made the same trip a couple years ago. Missed the Spam Museum, though. Did you catch the Corn Palace? Have a great time and keep safe on the road back.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 6:19 PM by BPirtle
I've enjoyed reading your blog, but with great envy, I must admit. Sturgis is on my wife's and my list very soon. I hope to retire early next year and then do as you have and see some of this beautiful country from our Harley. We've spent the last 3-4 years nursing sick parents and haven't had a chance to explore as we want to, but, we know someday that will change. Hopefully, you'll chronicle your ride home - a completely different route. Ride safe. B Pirtle Hixson, Tennessee
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 6:05 PM by roadking0265
I won a 06 rk classic last oct and now have the HD bug. see you in 2008 to share the fun and more so the ride in from Boston. Kevin D
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 5:24 PM by kimberly johnson"BLUEEYES"
HELLO just wanted to say thank you for givin me the ride even thou i'm not there!!!!! i do not own a bike but my nephew does and he loves it, i would love to own one but right now i just can't afford one, i have gotten sick and we have insurance but we still have to pay alot out so for now i have to spend my money on tryin to get well, i have sarcoidosis, it has destroied my lungs and now they are talkin about lung transplants but thats enough about me,GOD will lead me thru the rest of my journey!!! back to sturgis, i love to read the stories and look at all the pictures so thanks again for takin the time to give all of us at home THE ADVENTURE ALONG WITH YALL!!!!!!!!!!! may god also take care of you on your journey there and back home!!!!!!!!!!!! when your there on sat. enjoy that day for its my 41st birthday...AUGS.11TH
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 3:39 PM by Butch, Cicero ,New York
I miss being there, But I've Ben riding cross country to try some new places to see. I like to see the photos and stories from the rally.I will be coming back soon.Ride safe there and at Home.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 3:36 PM by HD PAPA
GREAT Pics Peter. I love riding in this great land of ours and the open country. I have had a dream of riding cross country for a long time and I'm beginning to make my pre-lim plans for next year. I have a son in CO, close friends in Tx, FL, SC, NC and my wife's son and family in ME. Its not coast to coast, but it'll do for a start. Perhaps in the next year or two I'll fulfill my dream. Happy trails!!!
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 12:39 PM by Bob, Ft. Myers,FL
Great article and pictures!! But two hours in the rain relaxing? You havn't ridden in the rain in Florida. We didn't make it this year but next year God willing the Dyna WG will be there. Ride safe and keep the rubber side down!
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 12:22 PM by texascharity
Sturgis was a dream that we hoped we could fulfill this year, but unfortunately we couldn't, due to the fact we are getting married in a few weeks. Having the pictures to look at, and our friends calling us from there, has eased the pain. Thank you for all the great pics, and the articles of the events happening there. We look forward to going in 2008. God Bless everyone, and have safe rides back home. Robbie & Ron California
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 9:50 AM by down but not for long wy.
I've dreamed for many years to ride. I finally bought a bike. I also broke my leg same day. I have a friend who has given me a couple rides since. If it's not in your blood you don't understand how it makes one feel. Thanks for the stories that tell the joy of the ride.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:49 AM by Irongator
Man what a ride! Wish I could made that trip with you. Will definitely plan the trip on my FLSTC to "Motorcycle Meca" next year. Write and tell us how the week at Sturgis went for you. Thanks for letting us join your journey.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:46 AM by Phatboy
Pete, your's is truly a dream job! What a great ride, and to think, now you "have" to photograph all that great Sturgis scenery. Don't work too hard. Envious here in Tallahassee, FL.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:29 AM by Steve Sobba Wichita, Ks.8.8.07 10:00
Dear Mr. Reitzfeld, Thank you so much for sharing you journey! While you have been listing your ride since July 28th I too have made a daily venture, entry of urinary output and JP drain of not miles, but of milliters... for I am recovering from a successful radical prostatectomy. My Harley sits in the garage with battery tender connected, ready when I am able to return. No way I could sit on the bike for I am sitting one cheek or the other now. Just want you to know that unknowingly your trip and blog have been the best GET WELL CARD!Thanks for sharing. Ride safe. ss
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:24 AM by Mike in Spokane
Man I wish I were there! Your blog has been awesome and reminds me of all the reasons I love bikes and the people you meet on them, so much! After 35 years of dreaming, I finally got my first Harley this year...have had "others" in my garage, but finally got a Softtail! I would have loved to make the trip this year, but don't have the money or vacation time so it will wait until next year. Ride safe and have a good time in SD
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 7:34 AM by Big Daddy of Dallas, Texas
Thanks for the ride. For those of us that are "STUCK" at work; it is fun to ride along. Keep the stories coming. See ya
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 5:38 AM by shadowbelief
with the wind in your ears and alone in your thoughts out there on the back roads , you become everything you see Safe riding to you always .............. shadow
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 5:03 AM by Ted
Hi Pete Im 70 and could'nt make the trip so thanks for the ride.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 2:01 AM by tangs
hi thr iam from india and what u guys do with harley in US we do here with royal enfield-bullet. though this bike has a much smaller engine (350 cc) but its ride is very nice. in india this is the heaviest bike available. harley used to sell here nearly half a century ago before india got independence from british. after 1947 the excise duty on imported bikes is so high that its not economical to import harley in india. we here have bike club by the name of 60 kmph and we all admire harley and dream that we will own it at some time in our lives. u can write back to me at
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 1:00 AM by Mike in support of the TROOPS in Afghnistan
Hey Pete, wish I was there to enjoy the ride and fun. I did 22 years in the Army and never have had the chance to go and now I am back in the Middle East supporting the TROOPS. I looking to make the ride in 2010 when I am done here. Take care and ride safe and think about all of the service men, women and contractors that are here keeping the home front safe so everyone there can RIDE AND LIVE FREE
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 12:10 AM by Chuckles
Pete....getting old is inevitable....2 types of people in this world. Those that wake up one day old and ripe and say 1. I wish I had done this or that. And 2. Been there done that. You my friend are the one that says been there done that. I have done one trip to Sturgis, good lord willing I have many more to go. Thanks for the ride. Hope to see you next year.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 12:00 AM by 
DAMN I MISS THAT. Rode my 02 Wide Glide from GA to Yellowstone via Sturgis in 05. Cannot wait to do it again. Working in the middle east has kept me from more wind therapy than I care to admit. Thanks for the journey through your eyes. You have no idea what you just did for me. I will be there next year WITHOUT FAIL. Hope to see ya there.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 10:26 PM by tj from pa
looks like a good time have some buddys out there maybe next year be safe
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:15 PM by
man i envy you im 50 years old and after many years being married now divorced and got anouther bike cause the old lady didnt like them hell should have got rid of her soon as i found that out, oh well im back in the saddle now and trying to plan some rides myself. im in hueytown al, going to bikefest in oct, but sturges is the main goal every biker must have,hope to fulfill my goal next year. enjoyed the pics ,be safe and have fun, harliehog9
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:13 PM by Medicine Man from North Carolina
Great work Peye. I have taken 3 to 4 day trips but because of my profession I have been unable to take that 2 to 3 week trip. I have wanted to go to Sturgis for a long time but have been unable to do so. Your trip, your pictures, and your daily log has given me that burning desire to plan a trip for next year and ride my 2003 ultra classic all the way. Great pictures. Ride safe and keep her between the ditches, May God bless and keep you.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:03 PM by rocco399
Hey there Pete! Thanks for the pics & synopsis. Very beautiful job! It reminds me of what I need to do again. Riding out on a '93 Wide Glide from Lancaster California back in '05 for my very first trip to Sturgis was more than just a long ride. What a beautiful adventure it was living, breathing, and smelling each different geographical zone throughout California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and then to finally land in beautiful South Dakota. From the High Desert heat to the Colorado down pours, this was one trip I'd never trade off for anything else. Coming across other bikers making the same trek from all other destinations heightened the exhilaration. When the rally was done, I eventually rode the '93 Wide Glide cross country to Manhattan New York, then down to Jersey for a while, and later down to Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Key West. I stretched my Sturgis venture into a childhoods cross country trip dream come true! All on a '93 Wide Glide.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:43 PM by polishprince56
Hey Pete... No one really can feel that sight/smell factor when riding the roads of America! Words can only touch the "tip of the iceberg", so to speak, of the feeling when the wind totally envelopes your very being. Loved the comments about your "gig" (*you lucky devil...) while aboard your bike. "Ride safe, dude!"...
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:48 PM by beerstage
America no place like it. great job. hope to be there next year.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:32 PM by tbirdman1
At 66 I am looking foward to my iron butt run from New York on my87 FLHS. Nice camera shots. Keep the knees in the breeze.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:36 PM by GhostRider
Breaking from life briefly, I sold Harley's a few years ago. Each and every near "new" owner (just before signing the financial agreement) would say something about either Daytona or Sturgis. Most just talk about it. You did it Peter. Cheers on the safe ride and have a GREAT week! BTW, can you send me the application for your photog position for Sturgis '08??
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:22 PM by Mr&Mrs mtymouse
Wife and myself were on our way but family things and some other things kept us at home. Do we miss the trip, you bet (a full years planning). Well we have people like you to help us through the disappointments. Thanks again. See you next year.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 3:57 PM by Grapevine, TX
Hi Peter, I want to say thank you too. My wife and I rode to Sturgis for the 50th anniversary in 1990 I believe. So we can relate to your wonderful experiences. Have a wonderful time and ride safe. Greg Ehring
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 3:32 PM by MarkRNewton
Dear Peter, A world of bikers is watching this great event thanks to guys like you. I am sure a number of ozzies are in attendance. Sturgis is on our list of things to do before we die. Maybe next year. Sturgis needs a web cam. Ride free from down under.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 3:09 PM by New Harley Rider
Thank you for all you information and pitures. As a new Harley rider I hope to get to Sturgis one day.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 1:39 PM by Lonewolf47
Hey Peter, Just wanted to say thanks to you for sharing your ride across America. You have taken the kind of ride I hope to do next on my just brought '07 Wide Glide. I agree that it isn't the destination (although Sturgis is a good reason to stop) but how you get there that makes a trip. I plan to blog my 1st Sturgis trip next year for family and friends and stopping at places like the Spam museum, H-D Headquarters, and the Norse cabin should make it that much more memorable. I will be sure to stop at every state's welcome center to get ideals on what to visit. By the way, how did you put your camera on the handlebars?
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 1:26 PM by oldman 68524
What a great portrait of did good
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 1:24 PM by little Flame-CT
Would love to see some pics of my brother and Sister of the FLAMING KNIGHTS on the site....some have riden 2100miles to get to Sturgis and im hoping i can Share thier stories....Was havent been there YET...but I will VERRRRRRRRRY Soon
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 1:08 PM by 2-ROTN
Just wanted to let you know that your blogs are bringing me closer to this years event since I couldn't go do to my daugther getting ready to give birth to my first grand child. I always said I'd never miss a STURGIS Rally however somethings you just can't miss. Thanks for your posts, and keeping the experince alive! Ride safe to all.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:58 PM by Hoosierhog88 from Bloomington, IN
Great pix and comments. Have a great time out there. My goal is to make the trip to Sturgis sometime... hopefully next year. Ride safe!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:35 PM by bullrod002
Wish I could have made it this year for the photo with my friends Michael And Robert from NC, on aug. 4th pictures, Go get 'em guys! Bull.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:26 PM by V-rod Anna
The pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. The roads are the best when done on a bike, the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the road can not be explained, they have to be seen, heard, smelled, and felt. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Ride Safe
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 11:08 AM by pgfrench
Great pictures. We sure appreciate your efforts. Thanks for doing this.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:31 AM by jr (taz) poe lakeland fl
enjoyed your story and pix's hope to read more from you ..someday i will be there to ride safe my friend
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:51 AM by DAVE R
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:44 AM by Pam, in Inman SC
We bought our Harley last year when my husband"s cancer came back, we always wanted one and I said let go for it. Hopefully next year if it's Gods will, we will make the ride that we have longed so long to go on. Party and ride safe!!!!! Live life like there is no tomarrow.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:39 AM by Jeff and Kay
The photos are great. It looks like you are having a great time. WISH WE WERE THERE. May-be next year. Thanks for keeping us informed. Jeff and kay.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:31 AM by OCC1957@AOL.COM
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:08 AM by Rick "Road Knight" Rickenbacker
Terrific photos, Peter! I know and share your love for the open road as you traverse this great country on two wheels - there's nothing more exhilerating! From the thrill of getting "in the groove" on the twisties of The Dragon, to the serene beauty of Glacier National Park, Bear Tooth Pass, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Big Sur, and the Avenue of the Giants! Of course, let's not forget the adrenaline-pumping experience of traversing Custer Park in the Black Hills after dark; rounding a hairpin and finding myself and my Ultra Classic in the middle of a herd of buffalo slowing strolling up the road - an experience not to be repeated, but certainly to be remembered! I probably share your feelings of pity towards those who do not ride; they can not possibly know, or appreciate, a part of life so vital to my mental and physical well-being! Ride safely in your travels........."Road Knight"
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:01 AM by Harley Girl from Beverly Beach, MD
I want to be a Harley Sturgis Photographer! Awesome shots - what fun. My younger brother and I are planning to be out there next year for bike week. Can't wait!!!!!! Have a great time and hope to see you next year.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:45 AM by Frair John
Great Story..My friend and I went last year and did our own story...We even have a few of the same pictures....
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:45 AM by angel biker
Thanks for the pictures. Only made it to Sturgis once and had the time of my life. My hubby and I moved a home and business so we are to buy to ride, we sent my husbands brother and wife in our prevost coach so hopefully they can have the fun this year, but next year, we will be there. (hopefully on my new Harley). Thanks Harley Davidson for sending people like Peter out to cover the fun. It inspires me for next year. Now don't ride faster than your Angels can fly. Angel Blessing to all you riders.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:41 AM by Peg
Thanks for sharing. Someday I hope to do the Sturgis trip, before I get TOO old! Enjoy yourself, and your ride home.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:38 AM by packy barbat
I am an artist in serveral medias and you are an artist with a camera as your brush. Having 2 things in common, art, Harleys, we connect. Motorcycles filled the void left when I finished a 30 year career as a crop duster pilot. Yes, it was a dangerous profession, but I like to starve to death as an artist,..that was slow death! You have an eye that captures the moment. Keep on shooting! Paxton"Packman"Barbat Pineville, La.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:01 AM by Bro Ray
This is to my Bro & Sis, Jim and Adonna Stahl. Hope you make it out to Sturgis safely. Party hard, will be thinking of ya's....Hope to make it out there with ya's one of these days.........Ride safe... C-ya, Bro Ray
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:58 AM by melanie from boston
Well, I always knew riding your motorcycle would get you somewhere. I just didn't know how far and how exciting that "where" would be. Good for you. The photos and writing are great. Congratulations. Friend of the mother, mb
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:50 AM by Reno Biker Dude Diaz
Thanks for sharing this part of your life with those of us who could not make the trip, I just bought me my first Harley Davidson ( 07 Street Glide ). I'm getting ready to hopefuly make my first Sturgis Trip next year and now I know what I have to look forward to. You're right about one thing, for those who don't ride there is no use in trying to explain what it is like to be on two wheels on any trip. Keep it on the down low brother and maybe we will see you there next year. Be safe and keep the shiney side toward the sun.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:45 AM by Chromeodanny
What a great tribute to Sturgis to have you report this for all of us and not to mention Harley Davidson. It is great to see the strong following of women riders. Now you all know how we feel when we get on those "HOGS". I am truly enjoying the report and the awesome pics. keep it up and Godspeed.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:44 AM by Chip
We rode to Sturgis in 2000. My bike was new and I was pushing 50! The first day we saw 930 miles behind us. From Tennessee to Souix Falls was a great ride! The next day we started our adventure in Sturgis. I have the best memories of that trip. Y'all keep the shiny side up! Chip in Tennessee
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:21 AM by HMan
You are one lucky SOB! I'm stuck in an an office building in downtown DC while you're out in God's country LIVING LARGE. Lucky You!!! Please continue to take photos so that I can live vicariously though you. Me andy my FATBOY hope to make the Rally next year. HMan
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:03 AM by
Man you motorcycle riders are the best people on the planet, I love the freedom and the changing landscape as I ride my m.c. any place I travel. I have not made it to Sturgis as of now, just looking at the photos gives a man the big urge to travel. You all have fun hope to see you some day in Sturgis Love you, all ride safely and may god bless you all thanks for reporting the actions and the sights and sound. love you all BILL
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:19 AM by The Wild Man
I have done an annual big ride each year since 2003 (Yeah, not all that long). 2003 - USA 4 Corners, 10,000 miles; 2004 - Sturgis, 5,000; 2005 - Route 66, 8,000; 2006 - US-1, in stages, 10,000 miles total. 2007 - US-50 and the Lincoln Highway. Isn't retirement wonderful?
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:51 AM by lostpup
I live in tennessee,I spent 6yrs. in the navy, seen a lot of the world. I just recently took a vacation to South Dakota, through wy. and colorado to new mexico, tx. and back to tennessee. But I never seen such beauty as I saw in South Dakota and in the Badlands area. I wasn't on my bike it was more a family trip, but I do know next vacation I will be up thier on my 1200 custom sportster! have fun up thier and be safe, and keep the rubber side down!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 2:59 AM by cmurman
Nice photos - nice writing. I enjoyed so far. What type of camera(s) do you travel with while while on the bike? Chris
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:36 AM by trainwreck
well just makes my head spin, i wanted to be there so bad, thanks for the pics and the stories made it a lot easier to deal with maybe next year
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:01 AM by RIDIN WITH LIFE
Just got my Harley 6 months ago. There is KNOW better feeling than the RIDE, even in the rain!!! I've rode with friends and by myself. I can't wait to do the ride you just did!! When you come to Ohio again come down the Canton area lotts of fun!!!ENJOY LIFE!!!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 10:38 PM by Lee
didn't make Sturgis but one day I will rode my 06 Heritage down to Daytona and then on to Key West for the month of March like everyone says pictures don't do it! Cushing Mn
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 9:43 PM by CANDICE
Nice. I am just learning how to ride and hope some day I too will go to Sturgis.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 9:28 PM by christie n TN
I really like the pics,would like to see more of your work. RIDE SAFE.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 9:16 PM by ARMOCHAS OF YUBA CITY CAL
Just blew through Sturgis on a 7600 mile journey through 17 states with a camera in hand!But you know as well as I. After a while the camera has to give way to the freedom of man and his machine! MY MACHINE! The 2007 Fatboy! No sore cheecks on this hog! Hoping to enjoy the rally through your pics! And a hello to all my fatboys in mountain home ark!!!!!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 8:38 PM by bubbao59
Man i would give my seat in HELL to ya,to have your job brother,nice pictures,awesome scenery!Looks like paradise 2 me,u enjoy,will b watching.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 8:04 PM by Not-so-Crusty
Ride on!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 7:51 PM by Gary Shimko- Screamin Eagle Road King 2007... I love it, !!!!!
I too am a photographer, I work at ESPN in Bristol, CT. Great pics by the way !!, the 2007 Road King Screamin Eagle I just bought is a work of Art in my Eyes.. Gary S. Shimko Terryville, CT 06786
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 7:25 PM by barbara
You are oh so right. Being on a bike with a camera is one of the best feelings in the world. Can't wait to see your Sturgis pix. barbara
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 6:31 PM by Bob McFarland
Wow!, what a great gig you have. I just returned from the European National HOG Ralley in Fuengirola Spain. I had the opportunity to speak with several photographers that also worked for H-D Europe. They also echoed the same kind of comment's they love their job! I really wanted to go to Sturgis this year but too much in too short a time. The people of Spain and beyond were awsome. They are as passionate about their machines as we are, perhaps more in some respects. After all they have only had good availability of Harleys for about fifteen years. Anyway ride safe and keep the rubber side down.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 6:30 PM by Midwestern at heart
Having moved to Ca. 21+ years ago, seeing the visual beauty of the open plains and farmlands is good for the soul!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 6:23 PM by Biker M'Lady
Just went to Sturgis in June and rode the Black Hills, Wyoming and some Montana. I'll never be the same. At the top of my list of the best things I've ever done in my life! For those who don't ride, they're missin' out!!!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 6:08 PM by allynsue
Caught up with your blog today. I've never ridden, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't. Cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to read about your travels and wishing I could have ridden along with you. One day I hope to make the journey. Again, it's not the destination, it's the journey and what a wonderful ride it will be. Looking forward to your pics this week. God speed and enjoy the ride!!!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 5:43 PM by crusty
rock on
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 5:24 PM by J.D.
We rode up the week before, all 2 lane roads. Rode back on the interstates. I had a blast on my first trip there, except for the storm that held us up at Chamberlain, S.D. It rained so hard I couldn't even see my front fender, AND this was on I-90 where it's down to 2 lanes. I figured I'd hole up so I'm alive for NEXT years Rally. Making plans for it already. I had NO idea how much fun riding in the Black Hills would be on my '03 Ultra.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 3:25 PM by huskerbob
Thank you - not being able to go I thank you for your eyes.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 1:17 PM by old Steve
I hear Harleys have electric Starters now, must be nice.. Oh you young people have it all, sure looks like fun. Reading about your adventure makes me want to start riding again. Hmmm...Hey Honey!...
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 12:02 PM by MVP 14
Just returned home yesterday from Sturgis and yes, the 2 hours of rain and the hail Friday evening between Sturgis and Rapid City and the 90 degrees yesterday. We logged 2155 miles in 4 days. All I can say to the folks pulling those trailers with those grand Harley Davidson's strapped down inside engines silent, "You don't know what you're missing, remember it: the Journey, NOT the destination." Until next year, Ride Safe.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 11:43 AM by your friend James
I've really enjoyed following this... I love the pictures and I'm actually sorry that this part of it is over. You are very lucky. Have a great week.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 10:56 AM by DEL D. HOFER
Following your trip to Sturgis bring back memories of my first trip there. 1952 on my 47 Knucklehead. What an event. Huge Huge, about 7000 attended. I can relive the trip every time I hear the word Strugis. If it means as much to you as it meant to me in 1952, you are in for some very long memories.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 8:42 AM by Vito
Hey Peto, glad you made it! I had fond memories of the days when we rode together and am living vicariously through your blog. Good work, great photos! Wish I was there... Drive fast & swerve!
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 9:48 PM by Tonia's Mom
This is my daughters first time to Sturgis on her 883. She's loving every minute. I've enjoyed keeping up with everything going on there cause it makes me feel like I'm with her. I hear she got interviewed by Harley so I'm searching for info. She made it to the web cam. What fun for everyone.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 7:21 PM by Harry and Phoebes Mom
Wow! This looks amazing! The photos are so great. I have no idea how to ride a Harley but I wish I did. Incredible shots - America looks good from your lense!
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 4:56 PM by smegator
I sure enjoyed the stories and photos. Come to Daytona in 2008, I'll be there on my new Steet Bob. Then will see you in Sturgis in 2008. Oh, don't forget S. Carolina. Ride to live and live to ride. Have fun and be safe.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 12:50 PM by Firefighter
Retiring after 33 years in September...hope to do this very soon. tks for the report.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 12:32 PM by a&jgregan
It's been so much fun coming along for the ride with you everyday (well, I suppose one thinks it would be more fun to ride then to read!) What an amazing experience - glad you made it there safe and sound...and covered in grime...Have a great week there! xo
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 12:19 PM by Joe in Ohio
I just got back into riding after a twenty-year break and I wish I would not have waited so long. I'm on an '08 Road King (I love this thing) and I hope to make the Sturgis next year. Keep on keepin' on...
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 12:11 PM by kly
From a little town in ID, I feel like I've met a new friend. U take me where I wish I could go. Sitting in my chair, it's like I'm there. Thank you! I could only hope one day our roads will cross and we could chat over a beer.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 10:24 AM by harleygator
I envy you. I hope to experience Sturgis next year as I'm in Iraq right now. I can't wait to see the photos from this year and to read about all the happenings. Be safe and by all means, ENJOY!
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 9:53 AM by Col. Don White / El Barbon
Your pics are fantastic. I had my '93 FXDWG up on the cycle jack for 6 wks. preparing it for my 1st Sturgis trip. Sudden set back, wife sent me for a stress test. Cardioligist did a heart cath. and found a 90% blockage in main artery. He put in a stint and I'm doing great, but had to put off Sturgis till next year to keep everyone happy. I try to make a road trip every yr. (last yr. was D.C.), but this yr. will have to be shorter & later. I live in extreme south TX (Edinburg), so any where I go is a long trip by some standards. Have a great time. See you there next yr.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 8:06 AM by paul
Great story. I must try it. You just sold a Harley for the company. I am off to buy a 2008 Road King.
Posted on: Sun, Aug 05, 7:45 AM by 24/7
More great photos. And you're cute too! Have a great week. Keep the photos comin' for those of us who can't be there with you!!
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 11:53 PM by Thomas and Lily Heaney
We love the photos and we are sure the the ride was half the fun. Enjoy the scenery and we look forward to more great bike shots. Keep on riding. xoxo your buddy Brendan
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 8:46 PM by DynaDan
Just got a new Dyna and man is it sweet. Sounds like you had a great ride, and have an even greater time ahead of you in the days to come. I'll miss the pics, never have enuf of them. Stick it to the man dude, and have a blast.
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 7:54 PM by Sporty Chic
Wow!! What a gig! And to think you even get $$$ to do this, I'm jealous! Without a doubt, you deserve every nickle your employer gives you for this job. Several weeks in the saddle can make you weary. But the experience will last a life time. How incredible the journey! As a new rider I am having the time of my life. I have rediscovered many of the same routes I drive by 4-wheeled transportation. They become such an experience and new again when I head down the road on 2-wheels. Every turn is an adventure. I now understand the feeling of freedom and total relaxation!! What a stress-reliever!! Take care and enjoy!! Looking forward to your posts this week. My way of sharing other riders excitement!
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 6:39 PM by Rick Ramirez / Aloha Chapter #44 Maui Hawaii
Keep an eye out for my friends from Hawaii. Aloha Chapter #44 Maui Hawaii. They've been traveling for a couple of weeks with Sturgis the ultimate destination!!!!! Tell them Rick said ALOHA....
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 6:30 PM by KsL
Thanks for sharing an experience I can only hope for some day. Yeah I know I should just do it, but I have major obligations to take care of first before I can even think about my needs. It's a long story but one day... Meanwhile it is totally cool to feel the road from your perspective. Godspeed.
Posted on: Sat, Aug 04, 3:53 PM by christie442
One lady who wishes she was there. I love the wind in my face and the freedom to roll. You be safe and maybe next year I'll join you all.
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