There’s a Whole Lotta Rockin’ Going On

Posted on August 6th by Jessica Craker

Dsc02881 I think I figured out what I want to be when I grow up, and I'm serious when I say this: I really want to learn how to be a Buell stunt rider! Holy cow. I went and watched the Buell sponsored stunt team at the H-D Road Tour outside the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, and man, those guys know how to work it. We had some good fun having the guys do burnout circles around me! I loved it.

They were doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Like front wheel stoppies, wheelies, merry-go-rounds, over the top of the handlebars, and more. And the best part about it is they will be doing their show three times a day, all week in the parking lot of the Civic Center. They’re really rockin’ it out there! So if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Dsc02882 The guys were really cool when I chatted with them. They were telling me how they are thinking of starting a stunt-training course (I’m in!). They were also saying how the Buell Firebolt XB12R is the best bike to do wheelies on because it's so smooth.

Erik Buell, what do ya say??? I really think we need to add a girl to this stunt team…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I almost forgot about another really exciting part of my day. I got Willie G. and Nancy to sign an autograph on a T-shirt for me. I spoke to some of the other enthusiasts in line to see how pumped up they were. One guy told me that if - that is, “if” - he were wearing underwear, he would have Willie G. sign those!!! Wow, good to know!

Tonight we take you back… back to 1984. Ironically, back to my prom song, Every Rose Has its Thorn.

And no, I didn’t have my prom in 1984. I was born in the '80s, and graduated high school in 2001. You do the math. But my graduating class was thinking even back then that you've gotta go with something classic, something that will stand the test of time. So what could be better than a little…

Yes, my friends, Poison is in Sturgis tonight at the Buffalo Chip Campground! And the Bouncing Souls will take you there. But don’t think for a second that I’m gonna miss out on the action. You know I’ll be waving a lighter in the air. Oh yeah, baby, rock ‘n’ roll!

Gosh, what am I going to do tomorrow?? The fun never ends. I definitely need to ride some more and get up to Mount Rushmore sometime this week. Any other suggestions from you Sturgis veterans out there? Cause I don’t want to miss a thing. Oh wait, that’s Aerosmith. Never mind. Let’s just stick with Poison for the night!!

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Posted on: Thu, Sep 06, 6:51 PM by Adam Chumita rider for buell stunt team
1st time in sturgis and it was awsome. Would like to thank all the peaple that came out to the shows. Hope to come back next year. Thanks jessica for telling peaple about the shows and letting us bring you into the show glad you had fun.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 21, 3:33 PM by On the road again!
Great time in the Dakota area...the ride to the devils tower was better than you could was good...people great...and what a place to people watch....a little pricey here and there....but cheaper and more fun than Disneyland....Steve and Kimi California
Posted on: Wed, Aug 15, 5:55 AM by Leroy
Jessica....proposed to my girlfriend at the night lighting ceremony at Mt Rushmore in front of 3,000 people...she was shocked...she did say yes...FINALLY....getting married May 31st, are invited....ha!! Gary & Robin Toledo Oh.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 13, 4:40 PM by Slimharley
Hi Jessica. I wish I was out their enjoying the day and able to meet WILLIE G" you were great and daring out there. STAY COOL.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 13, 12:08 PM by Dee Jay Yazz
Ms. Craker, I was there! Where were you! Always fun to hang at the Mt. Rushmore Civic Centre, HOG members only (Sturgis)! First picks on the latest and greatest Harley goodies, and get to see Mr. Willie "G" too!
Posted on: Sun, Aug 12, 1:04 AM by Nomatic7
Jessica, you're just pure entertainment. You, the camera girl/guy, and whoever cuts together your video rocks. You got it girl!
Posted on: Fri, Aug 10, 7:28 PM by harley boy
You make sure to have fun for me too........Wish i was there. Work sucks... Rock on there sexy lady.
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 10:26 PM by Wind Rider
You go girl. Been there 15 times, always see something new in the ride there & back. Keep your nose forward and see the world the best way possible, ON A SCOOTER !
Posted on: Thu, Aug 09, 12:45 PM by 
You are just a baby - enjoy every moment that you have. I have been riding for 30 years and I have NO regrets - only that I would have taken a little more time to stop and smell the roses. Ever heard of the Motor Maids?
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 1:00 PM by Jess
Rob - Thanks!! Sandra Bullock is my favorite! I love her! ~Jess
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 12:49 PM by HERNIE
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 11:30 AM by chef
hey wish i was their,but i,am in class.but next year, have fun be safe.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 11:13 AM by IRONHORSE WRITER - AMERICAN BIKER POET
Hey Jessica, Sorry our paths did not cross in Sturgis. I am, however, enjoying your coverage as well as insight. Be safe, Larry
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 10:12 AM by Bro Ray
Jessica, You are hot!!!!!!!! Wish I was there partying with ya!!! If you see Jim & Adonna Stahl from Nevada, tell them I said I'm jealous.........Ride home safe. Bro Ray
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 9:21 AM by Frank Zappa
Hey Jessica, if the Burnt River band is playing there tell Stanley Frank Zappa from Cleveland said Hi
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 8:37 AM by Charlie B
Jessica You rock my world. Your the best if your ever in Salt Lake look me up I want to ride with you.
Posted on: Wed, Aug 08, 2:34 AM by PHILL, FROM NEW MEXICO HOG RIDER
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:31 PM by
hey baby be carefull for what you ask for they may make a stunt rider out of you just because your so hot! harliehog
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:46 PM by Nanc
My husband and I planned on being in Sturgis this year but due to a very unfortunate accident we will have to wait until next year! Have a great time and ride safe!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:38 PM by tshoot
Wish I was there--I'm jealous. Good Job and yes you are HOTTTT!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:01 PM by Mississippi
It might be hard for you but try and ride Custer state park early in the morning to get close to the wild life! Your heart will race!!! Hint always be in the right gear around buffalo.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:55 PM by OLD IRON HEAD SPORTSTER
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:48 PM by BIG BILL
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:52 PM by River City Springer
Great Job Jessica Wish I was there, perhaps next year. Ride safe & Gob Bless
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:43 PM by sledhead36
You are hot!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:15 PM by Gerry Philippine Hog Rider
Hi Jessica, Good luck and more power!!!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:04 PM by Gerry Philippine Hog Rider
I wish I could visit Sturgis SD one day and get to see this wonderful event and see all the Harleys and exotic custom bikes.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 1:11 PM by flyin eagle.
The ultimate ride want to do it'i live in chesapeake va. Want to ride the trip one day.absolutly beautifull pictures.great job. Keep It Real!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:59 PM by Roxie
Couldn't figure out why my heart was so heavy last week - then it dawned on me. Last year this time Griff and I were riding to visit family & experience our 1st Sturgis run! Brothers and sisters, you are all in our prayers.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:50 PM by chas
b safe ride hard and b cool, wish i could of been there.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:30 PM by Rob / Springfield, Mo.
I'm a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, but I now have a new fav...... Jessica Craker. God Bless, and Ride careful on your way back home.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:18 PM by Grinderswitch
Cause I couldn't make it you guys made it easy for me to keep up with what's going on. Thanks Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 11:38 AM by Pusser
I wish , I was there
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 10:04 AM by skulls1305
Remember this is Indian Holy Ground,So stop and pray to Mother Earth and say thanks for the beauty of it all. Ride to Live,Live to Ride. Jim
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:16 AM by Willie H.
Great footage and coverage. All my comprades and I are going to Sturgis in '08, riding in from Chandler, Arizona. God Bless you all.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:16 AM by Don M.
Jessica You are beautiful,and I love you.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:15 AM by j.d.
say hi to the cool gals from mke, that flew out sun, on nwa. no wonder my wife won't let me go to sturgis anymore..
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 9:06 AM by Pete
Jess,it's great to watch all these events and what's going on out there though you and the camera! Keep up the great work. Sincerely Jealous >Pete
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:52 AM by Rodger from Canada
You look good Jessica, wish I was there with you. Never been to Sturgis, look foward to go in the next couple years. Have fun and do me a favor, say hello to me in your next report. Be good, ride to live, live to ride.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:41 AM by captainlarry
I have not been to Surgis yet,,, wanted to go this year but was not able to, looking forward to it next year though. I was able to make Daytona, Panama City, and Myrtle Beach this year and in 2 weeks will be in Knoxville. Have fun save some beer for next year.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:34 AM by Dreamer
From what I see on the web, ya'll are killin me. Wish I could be there too. Ride Safe, enjoy. From Bala AB, Iraq
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:21 AM by PAPA SMURF
I have been riding since the 60's, had a new hip on right side july 28 in Oct get left kenn can't go this yr. you dont know how much this info. means to me being not able to ride the rest of the yr. thanks
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:08 AM by Jess
Hey Lance - guess we didn't end up using that clip of us! Darn! That was really funny.... maybe we'll use it in the bloopers/out-takes... Good stuff, thanks for being a good sport! ~Jess
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 8:02 AM by Jess
Spearfish canyon, Cheyenne crossing and Devils Tower - will do!! Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming! ~Jess
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:59 AM by Jess
I like tacos... I need to go try those Indian tacos... thanks for the heads up! ~Jess
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:41 AM by  BOBBY D
sounds like she has a bad case of the stuters. Need to fix that :)
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:13 AM by Vicki Avery
Can you order Tee shirts from Sturgis 2007 if so where do I go to do this. Thanks
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 7:02 AM by scottjcarmy
Just wanted to say hello from South Korea. Wishing I was there rockin with everyone there. But here in Korea serving my country in the U.S. Army. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Everyone be safe. And from all my Harley Army Battle Buddies and myself. HOOAH!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:12 AM by 883bob
When you join the stunt team you will be required to wear the skimpiest of bikinis. Thats mandatory. You were born in 1980??? Good grief! By 1980 I had already been through one retirement. The third was in '04. Got to stop buying companies in financial trouble and find out whats west of Lake Michigan. Maybe next year.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 6:08 AM by isabel
I am bringing some girls from South Africa to Sturgis next year. I'll need some pointers for the trip from Jessica. Looks real good.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 5:13 AM by
Hope to see you in Lake Placid, New York in September.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:39 AM by lance
havent seen the short video that was shot in the civic with you, my brother and I...was it not used?
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:19 AM by a different view
I drove through the area lats weekend on my way to Seattle. There were already many bikes in the area. It was driving me crazy, wishing for my 05 Heritage instead of my 03 Peterbilt. I came back though on Sunday the 5th and went out of my mind. There were so many bikes. I was in need of sleep after driving for so many hours but finding parking at the Flying J in Rapid City was almost impossible, I lucked out and someone was leaving after my 5th circle of the packed parking lot. Wish I could be on my bike. Have fun, Kern
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:09 AM by Chaps
I agree check out the indian tacos.. You will never eat a taco like it at taco have fun take care and ride safe.. I am stuck at work at the hospital.. here in kc mo...(sigh)t/c
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:07 AM by Gerry/Albion R.I.
I was there in '05. Ill health this year,be there in '08. Sturgis was my best vay-k ever.Harley 4-ever 4-ever Harley.
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 4:07 AM by 
I guess she does have dimples too...
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 3:25 AM by Vicki and Matt
Lookin' good Craker... Can't wait to see you on the stunt Buell's tomorrow!!!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 2:52 AM by jafo (just another f * * * * * g observer)
Awsome coverage! I'm making reservations TODAY for next year. Can't wait for the next video!
Posted on: Tue, Aug 07, 12:29 AM by The Springer Man
Hey Jessica if you ever get down toward San Diego, I'd love to get you on the back of my springer. Hope you have a great time in Sturgis!!!
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 9:23 PM by BrownEye
This is one cool site....!! Tkx for the opportunity to check Sturgis out online.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 8:44 PM by mitch
I like these daily updates, there very cool... I think you should also have daily updates like this at lesser known bike rallies, like Americade.... tks, mitch
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 8:17 PM by bkalt
I want to get a Sturgis t-shirt. How do I do that? I like the new logo. Please advise
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 7:32 PM by Hoghead
You can't miss Devils Tower. Don't take interstate, take the back highway from Spearfish.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 7:28 PM by sdladyinaz
Wish I was there!!! Make sure you ride up/down Spearfish Canyon and stop at Cheyenne Crossing. The best Indian Tacos around!!! Have fun and ride safe.
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 7:28 PM by 
Jessica, love those dimples
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 3:42 PM by JB
Posted on: Mon, Aug 06, 1:06 PM by 
Wow Jessica, Were you really born in the 80's, the 80's? Looks like you're having fun, wish I was there. Say hi to everyone for me. Ride safe, have fun and be good!
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