Posted  Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 , by  Ken Ostermann

Today was scheduled as a rest day. No riding, but a party at Pikes Peak H-D in the afternoon. I think the group needed the rest. Most of us have been on the road for a week, and a day to take it easy and get some laundry done sounded good. Eric, thinking he was the smart one, dropped off his laundry to be done rather than doing it himself. Turns out they never picked it up. We now know when he is coming.



A couple of guys we met at the dealer yesterday suggested we take a morning ride through Garden of the Gods park. Amazing. Parts of the park didn’t even look real. Who placed those rocks like that?

Bud, a retired sheriff’s deputy from LA County who started in Glendale, joined us on our trip to the park. Wow, he’s got some stories. Walked O.J. and Robert Blake to jail, and escorted many to death row. We’re feeling a little safer now.

Stunts At Pikes Peak H-D I saw one of the coolest bikes I’ve seen on this trip. They created a Dyna Super Glide inspired by a Nightster. Very well done. They pulled together a great party, complete with a couple of guys who put on a crazy motorcycle stunt show. Wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, and other crazy tricks. I think I’ll keep both of my wheels on the ground for this trip.

Once again, we’ve been very lucky with the weather. Storms rolled in tonight after we made it back to the hotel. We still haven’t seen our first drop of rain.

Curley, another H-D ride leader (started in Farmington, NM) joined us at the dealership today and the last of the ladies in our group (Rod’s wife Susan) departs in the morning. Dude, now the fun will begin…

With 16 years of riding experience, there's nothing that can keep Ken Ostermann (H-D General Manager, Outreach Marketing) from exploring the open road. "It's the perfect escape from the daily routine." One of his most memorable rides was immediately after 9/11. He rode with a group of donated police motorcycles from Milwaukee to NYC. "It was a solemn mission and I was honored to be one of the riders." Nothing brings people together like the roads we share.

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