The riding group gathers

Posted  Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008 , by  Ken Ostermann

At some point on this trip, I’m hoping we’ll see some sun. I keep thinking I should appreciate the cool temperature since I’ll soon be feeling like someone has a blow dryer on high in my face, but it’s hard to believe it is warmer back in Wisconsin than it is here.


We were able to head out of Morro Bay, CA today at a leisurely pace. We have a relatively short and easy ride down the coast to Glendale today for the dealer party tonight. The weather as we headed south finally improved. Sun and a little warmth.

Santa Barbara looked like a good spot to stop for lunch. We rode along the water for a bit looking for a great restaurant. Not certain of our destination, we pulled into a beach area with a few choices. A local gentleman was just getting out of his car in the spot next to us, and we asked if there was a good place to eat here. A very quick “no” was delivered. He pointed us back the other way for a couple of good local options. Hard to beat the value of good local knowledge. We thanked him, jumped back on the bike and went off for a great lunch. Keep in mind, through this entire conversation, our new local restaurant friend was getting ready for a swim, disrobing in front of us. Visualize your grandpa in a Speedo. We learned a bit more about him than we were counting on.


In Glendale, we met up with the rest of our riding gang for the trek to Milwaukee. Dan from H.O.G. is our ride manager, fearlessly getting us from point A to B and ensuring we are maintaining our schedule and commitments. Rod Copes along with his wife Susan are the Motor Company reps officially starting in Glendale. Also joining us is Eric McGraw, who kicked off the ride from Bakersfield.

The Glendale party was great. Good food, drinks, popcorn, and candy along with an outdoor high-def screening of “Easy Rider” got everyone in the right frame of mind for a cross country adventure.

So long ocean, hello desert. I think the heat is coming.

Posted Tue, Aug 19, 12:22 AM by Carolyn

I am here in Salt Lake City Utah, waiting for all of you from Cali to pass through my city. We are planning a big party for you at Intermountain Harley Davidson in Salt Lake City on Friday Aug 22. I am leaving for my Road Home ride on Sunday Aug 24. I will be riding my 105th Annivirsery Edition Road King and ride in the Parade with my good friend Fred on his Road King. I thought it the only proper thing to do--ride my 105th to the 105th for a celebration of a life time. Be safe and look for me at the party in SLC. Ill be the one running the trike races! Carolyn--GSL HOG Membership Officer

With 16 years of riding experience, there's nothing that can keep Ken Ostermann (H-D General Manager, Outreach Marketing) from exploring the open road. "It's the perfect escape from the daily routine." One of his most memorable rides was immediately after 9/11. He rode with a group of donated police motorcycles from Milwaukee to NYC. "It was a solemn mission and I was honored to be one of the riders." Nothing brings people together like the roads we share.

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