Screw It, Let's Ride

Posted  Saturday, Aug 16, 2008 , by  Mark-Hans Richer

This was one of the copy lines we used this summer in an ad, meant to reflect our rider's mentality in the face of fears about the economy. I would like to celebrate that mentality again as I begin my exciting, nearly 2,000 mile ride home from Mexico City to Milwaukee.

In the month leading up to my departure for Mexico – a country I am truly excited to see since the only Mexican city I've been to is Tijuana (and to say you saw Mexico by going there would be like saying you "saw" the United States by visiting Vegas) – I have had many people ask me if I was nervous. About what? Nervous about getting kidnapped they said, as was featured as a top story last week on CNN and elsewhere. And others had further concerns, more lightheartedly mentioning the risks of Montezuma's revenge, scorpions and even killer bees. Now, if I get kidnapped (or consumed by killer bees), this blog will become a lot more exciting, so stay tuned. But most of this is just fear mongering designed by the press to compel attention even if it is misplaced.

Mexico is not a place I'd avoid because of kidnapping no more than I'd avoid going to Florida because it has deadly alligators. I'd prefer not to be taken hostage or eaten by alligators, and these risks are real, but people who ride motorcycles are in it for the adventure. I've gone to Africa in a time of Ebola, to the Peruvian Amazon in a time of martial law, and to Wisconsin in a time of Bart Starr as the Packers' coach – that is, I've seen worse.

I cannot wait to ride through Mexico and meet some cool people who share the Harley-Davidson passion for the open road. And I hope I get a little scorpion in my wheel treads before I hit Texas.

So viva Mexico, and let the adventure of the 105th anniversary ride home begin. Screw it. Let's ride. Vámonos!

Posted Sat, Aug 16, 10:06 AM by Sergio Sebastian Garcia Granados

Hows the ultra white and blue with jalisco plates so far??? I used to be the owner!!!

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