Change is in the air…

Posted  Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 , by  Ken Ostermann

Lots of somewhat random thoughts today.

The reality of work is hitting me. Although we are “working” on this amazing ride while meeting customers from across the country, for several of us, our real jobs are waiting for us back in Milwaukee. Squeezing in e-mail and phone calls has been a bit challenging. As a result, we hit the road the road a little bit late today due to some calls this morning.


Changes are beginning to happen to our riding group. Although my wife stayed a couple of extra days on the trip, she had to fly out this morning. Kids and a soccer tournament were calling. Today is also the last riding day for Eric and Rod’s spouses. They’ll be flying home soon. It’ll be interesting to see how the group dynamics change with the women gone. Will we ride longer? Shorter? Better food? Make new friends along the way? Hmm.

When checking out the map for our ride today, it didn’t appear that there was much sightseeing to be done on the way to Colorado Springs. Seemed like a good day for a blast to our destination. However, we did have a chance to make our second stop in Las Vegas. Different states of course, but another Las Vegas. I think the name is about all the two cities have in common.

I’m not sure what it is about motorcycle trips. As my family knows well, I can’t drive a car for long distances. Get too tired. For whatever reason, I don’t have that issue when on a bike. Just a couple of weeks ago I did multiple 700 mile days on a bike without getting tired. Perhaps it is the open air and being part of the environment. The wind. The smells. The bugs. In the end, I’m not sure what it is, but I sure love being on the open road. For me, it is one of the big things that makes motorcycling great.

The guys made a decision today. Wendy’s for lunch. The moment it was said, we knew we were in trouble. The women had picked a local spot. We wanted to make time. Rod got the look from them and he quickly walked away. He knew better than to engage in that discussion. There was a bit of a silent protest from the ladies. Chocolate frosties saved the day.


We’ll know in the morning if this was a wise stop, but on the walk back to our hotel from dinner, we hit the establishment known for wings, owls and some other stuff. Keep in mind, I was trying hard to write this blog (which with our schedule has proved to be more challenging than I anticipated). It was another story for the rest of our group. One of our ladies (yes, it was Laurie) decided to do some shopping and attempted to acquire a Hooters shirt. Turns out, you can only get one of the official tank shirts if you work there. She tried filling out an application, but it didn’t seem to work out. Needless to say, fun was had by all.

Morning will be here soon.

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by peter DeBie

say hi to bud for me. ride safe.

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Jo

Ken, Wisconsin is ready to welcome Harley riders home. We invite you and all riders to stop at the Wisconsin Welcome Center on Wednesday where we will be giving out free ice cream! Our staff will be ready to give you tips on great rides to Milwaukee and other areas of the state. The Wisconsin Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial is also found here. We are located at the stateline on I-39/90 at the first rest area as you enter Wisconsin. Hope to see many Harley riders and tell each of you Welcome to Wisconsin.

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Ken Dahlke

Ken, This morning I am preparing for another day of riding on the The Ride Home from Washington DC. You are so right; meeting and making new friends, spending time with family, enjoying the open road and having experiences people only dream about,not bad.....More people should know that riding a Harley-Davidson makes it all happen! Enjoy The Ride! Ken

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Kim

My husband is on this ride on his new Road Glide! (Hi Steve!). He met you(Ken) either in Colorado Springs or Hays, Kansas, cant remember which he said. Wish I were on the ride with him on my Deluxe, but someone has to keep the home fires burning! Hes doing the smell the roses ride, taking several days! He has had perfect weather and stopped at several Harley-Davidson Dealerships for the parties. Having a great time, and better bring me back something from Milwaukee!! You all stay safe out there. Ride On!

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by JOHN BAGOSY TOPTIGER852

My ride to Milwaukee is dedicated to the men who served with 68 the Assault Helicopter company Viet Nam , and to my never forgotten friend Jose A. Velez - Hernandez 1948- 1969 he died so I would live.

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by JOHN BAGOSY Toptiger 852

My ride to Milwaukee is dedicated to the men who served with 68th Assault Helicopter company Viet Nam , and to my never forgotten friend Jose A. Velez - Hernandez 1948- 1969 he died so I would live.

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by JOHN BAGOSY ( NORMAL iLLINOIS)

Only In America !!!!

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Tony Re

Saying hello from foggy Parie Du Chien, WI. As we rode out yesterday on our way to Ernies H-D in Algona, IA, people along the way were saying Isnt Milwaukee the other direction? We explained that we were riding out for a dealer event and then would turn back on Wednesday, O...kay. Anyway the weather has been absolutely fabulous. Sunny, mid 70s and more expected all the way out and all the way back home. Time for breakfast, lets see home made omelet, waffles, cereal?? Writing this from the hotel lobby since the laptop wouldnt fit in one of the leather bags on our Heritage Softail. I now know how to pack really light when its two peole, my wife Cindee and I. Have a safe ride today. Loving every minute of it! Tony

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Erica

great photo of you and Y on the bike! You can see her looking up and smiling! So fun. Youre making great memories!

Posted Sat, Aug 23, 1:13 AM by Erica

Isnt getting away from the phone and email the whole point of a cross-country ride? Enjoy it while you can, youll have about 5 years to catch up on work before youll be doing another ride home. :)

With 16 years of riding experience, there's nothing that can keep Ken Ostermann (H-D General Manager, Outreach Marketing) from exploring the open road. "It's the perfect escape from the daily routine." One of his most memorable rides was immediately after 9/11. He rode with a group of donated police motorcycles from Milwaukee to NYC. "It was a solemn mission and I was honored to be one of the riders." Nothing brings people together like the roads we share.

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