My new best friend

Posted  Thursday, Aug 21, 2008 , by  Ken Ostermann

Our first leg today was a quick one from Vegas to the Hoover Dam. I’ve been to Vegas countless times (four times so far this summer), but have never made the quick trip over to check out the Dam. Impressive. Hard to believe it was built without the assistance of modern construction technology. Too bad it was so early, because I would love to have tried one of those Dam Dogs in the concession area. Nothing like a half pound of pure hot dog. Can you actually call a hot dog pure?


I have come to appreciate my new best friend on this trip. No, not my wife (although I do love her dearly) or someone in my riding group, but my hydration vest. Wow. I was actually a little chilled a few times. That’s about all I can say. I don’t think I’ll ever fear desert riding again. Hopefully I’ll never have to choose between my wife and my hydration vest – might be a tough one. I hear some of the other 105th routes are getting their hydration from the sky. Sorry Steve. I’m sure our time will come. Knock on wood.

There is frequent debate about form vs. function on motorcycles, especially on touring bikes. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’m on a Street Glide with my wife on the back. Quick aside – she was having so much fun she changed her flight home to stay on the ride a few more days. I’m not sure what made her change her plans - the amazing ride we are on, spending time with me, or spending time with the other ladies, but I’m glad she’s staying because we’re all having a great time.


Back to the debate. I love the look of the Street Glide. Especially the really low smoked windshield and the clean lines. However, the windshield falls a little short in the function category. I was willing to deal with it, but my somewhat taller wife sitting behind me was getting beat up in the wind. For those of you that have successfully traveled with your significant other, I’m guessing you know how this one ended. New windshield at our dealer stop for the day. The folks at Grand Canyon H-D helped me out with a taller windshield that has now received the thumbs up from my wife.

The Grand Canyon H-D location is really amazing. Multiple buildings with a great place for a band and parties. Thanks to everyone at the store for a warm welcome.


After our stop at the dealership, we decided to make the trek to see the Grand Canyon. Our second amazing sight of the day. Several in our group had never seen it. We finished our day with a ride from the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff that I’m sure was absolutely gorgeous. However, we were about an hour late for that which gave us an opportunity to see just how dark it gets out here. It was the most amazing night sky any of us have ever seen.

Another great day.

Posted Thu, Aug 21, 1:27 AM by Buffalo Chipper

Glad the vest is holding up. See you in Kansas. Heaven, Hell or Hays as they say.

Posted Thu, Aug 21, 1:27 AM by Zac

Good job taking care of your lady. I made the mistake of subjecting my wife to a few hundred miles of wind years ago and she hasnt really gone for a ride since. The canyon looks fantastic.

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