All roads lead home. We have a reputation for seeking freedom and adventure, and taking care of our own communities.

Home Is Where You Drop Your Kickstand

Objects in mirror are more like you than they appear. Diversity isn’t limited to corporations. It doesn’t just exist in offices and factories. It’s all around us. We are continuously merging with different cultures, religions, lifestyles and value systems in every aspect of our lives. And we are seeing more and more just how similar our hopes and dreams are. How interconnected we are. That’s the nature of community. We are all stakeholders in each other’s success. -Gail Lione
Accelerating Positive Change

The Harley-Davidson Foundation opens new roads of possibility in the communities where we do business.

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Community Partners

Leaving more than just tire tracks to be remembered by.

By partnering with community-based organizations like these, Harley-Davidson no only promotes diversity, but also makes a lasting impression on the future.
Community Partners
Habitat for Humanity
Hunger Task Force/Fueling Young Minds Summer Meal Program
Boys and Girls Clubs
YMCA/Black Achievers Program & Black College Tour