Harley-Davidson's general Internship and Co-op Program is designed to provide students with practical work assignments that will enhance their academic training. The program gives the company the opportunity to train and develop students who are preparing for a professional career after graduation.

At the same time, the company will benefit from the work done by the student. Harley-Davidson provides work assignments of increasing challenge and responsibility appropriate to the student's abilities and academic focus. Assignments and projects will vary and allow the student to develop themselves technically, broaden their academic background and explore career interests.

Harley-Davidson also offers a separate, highly competitive program called LAUNCH. The LAUNCH Program is a rewarding, multi-year rotational internship/co-op opportunity that identifies students for entry-level hire upon college graduation and successful completion of the rotational program.

Interns in the LAUNCH program are offered rotating assignments over 2 or 3 years beginning their sophomore or junior year. The program is offered to several different majors at selected schools, with work opportunities in various functional areas:

Information Systems: Supports the company by maximizing the value of information and technology through close alignment with business strategies and trusted relationships.

Human Resources: Delivers targeted services that maximize the value of each individual to the organization.

Materials: Encompasses Development Purchasing, Original Equipment Purchasing and Distribution Logistics. Materials Management is located throughout H-D, including positions at each of the manufacturing plants, distribution centers, the Product Development Center and our Corporate Headquarters.

Engineering: Supports existing products and processes, and develops and tests new product designs. Delivers the product plan efficiently and effectively through disciplined processes in collaboration with other key business functions.

Manufacturing Engineering: Assists with manufacturing support, product and process development and continuous improvement activities.

Candidates must be enrolled as full-time students at an accredited college or university. The internship or co-op should be related to his/her field of study.

Students selected to be considered will be interviewed in order for the company to determine the best fit. These interviews may occur during an on-campus recruiting event, phone calls or in-person interviews at Harley-Davidson.

For a list of current opportunities, please visit Enterforce, a third-party agency who administers our internship programs. All interns and co-ops are considered employees of Enterforce during their internships or co-ops but will be working at a Harley-Davidson® facility.