Technical Excellence Program (TEP)
Develop high caliber engineering graduates through four engineering rotations, each one year in length, which meet the interests and needs of the business and are consistent with the vision of Harley-Davidson.
This innovative program was founded to ensure that Harley-Davidson stays competitive by attracting top entry-level engineers through a diversified rotational program. Technical Excellence Program (TEP) engineers bring a new, well-rounded perspective to each role and facility. This program provides Harley-Davidson engineers with a broad base of experience in manufacturing, design and development.

If you have an interest in the Technical Excellence Program, please contact for more information.
Co-op Program
Harley-Davidson’s Co-op Program is designed to provide students with many opportunities to develop their engineering skills to their fullest potential. Our goal is to ensure that students receive the required training and satisfactory orientation needed to acquaint them with the important aspects of the business. In addition, we will provide them with work assignments that are sufficiently challenging and representative of our expectations for an engineer.
Our Co-op program is designed to be flexible and will be tailored to both your individual needs and the needs of the company.
If you have an interest in the Co-op Program, please contact for more information.