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1. HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEALERS ARE INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES. Harley-Davidson Motor Company operates this used bike locator as an advertising medium for authorized U.S. Harley-Davidson and Buell dealers. Harley-Davidson and Buell authorized dealers are independent businesses and make their own decisions regarding how to market, advertise, promote and sell used motorcycles. Each dealer sets its own prices. Dealer prices typically do not include set up, taxes, title and licensing and are subject to change.

2. ALL INFORMATION ABOUT USED MOTORCYCLES IS PROVIDED BY THE DEALER. Neither Harley-Davidson nor Buell is responsible for or attempt to verify the accuracy of the used motorcycle information (including information such as availability, mileage, warranty, etc.) you find on the locator. Any complaints, questions, or concerns regarding this information should be addressed to the applicable dealer.

3. THIS WEB SITE DOES NOT OFFER MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE. This site simply presents information provided by an authorized dealer about all or part of its inventory of used Harley-Davidson® and Buell® motorcycles. All sales are between the selling dealer and you - neither Harley-Davidson nor Buell is in any way connected with the sale.

4. NONE OF THE USED MOTORCYCLES HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED OR INSPECTED BY HARLEY-DAVIDSON OR BUELL. Neither Harley-Davidson nor Buell inspect any of the used motorcycles you may find when using the locator. In addition, neither of them provide any warranties, guarantees, or assurances of any kind with respect to any of the used motorcycles, except for any remaining portion of the manufacturer's new motorcycle limited warranty.

5. THERE MAY BE LITTLE INFORMATION REGARDING THE HISTORY OF A USED MOTORCYCLE. It is possible that the dealer has very little information about the history of a used motorcycle that you find with the locator. If the previous riders have misused it, not properly maintained or serviced it, used it for purposes for which it was not intended, installed non-Harley-Davidson or Buell parts or accessories on it, or installed Harley-Davidson or Buell parts or accessories on it incorrectly, there could be problems with the motorcycle. These problems could rise to the level of a safety hazard.

6. SOME USED MOTORCYCLES MAY HAVE RACE USE ONLY PERFORMANCE PARTS. Some of the used motorcycles you find though the locator may have performance parts installed on them (including certain Screamin' Eagle® parts and accessories) that make the motorcycles illegal for use on public roads. Installation of these performance products, especially those intended for closed course or racing applications, may be considered emissions-related tampering under laws and regulations enacted by the U.S. EPA. You should review the Screamin' Eagle® section of the current Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories catalog to understand which Harley-Davidson components, parts, and kits are intended for closed course or racing applications only and which are suitable for on-road use.

7. SOME USED MOTORCYCLES MAY HAVE AFTER-MARKET PARTS THAT ARE NOT GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON OR BUELL PARTS OR ACCESSORIES. It is possible that a used motorcycle advertised on the locator has had non-genuine Harley-Davidson or Buell after-market parts or accessories installed on it. The installation of non-Harley-Davidson or Buell parts or accessories could void all or part of the motorcycle's manufacturer's limited warranty. In addition, such parts or accessories could affect the operation of the motorcycle, resulting in an unsafe condition.

8. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS. California has enacted laws and regulations that pertain to motorcycles sold or operated in the state. Some of the used motorcycles you may find with the locator were not manufactured to comply with California environmental laws. You should confirm with the selling dealer that the used motorcycle you are purchasing was manufactured for use in California and has not been modified in a manner that could make it non-compliant.

As a condition of your use of this Web site, you agree that neither Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Buell nor any of their respective affiliates, directors, employees, or agents will be responsible for any liability arising from your purchase or use of any used motorcycle shown on this used motorcycle locator. You hereby release such parties from all such liability to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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