Iron 883<sup>™</sup>
Iron 883<sup>™</sup>
Iron 883™

다음과 같이 표시 Illustrée avec OLIVE GOLD

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핵심 기능


Dream Makers

When he’s not in the studio, Dais Nagao hits motorcycle shows all over the world. From Mooneyes in Japan to Born Free in California. And, as with all great designers, Dais soaks up what he sees, feels, and hears from all walks of life. From other riders, street art, fashion and everything else in between. It’s real life that feeds Dais’ and the whole design team’s imagination, nourishing their inspiration in the design of the new Iron 883.


Dais grew up racing on the neon streets of Tokyo, before later moving to California where he fell in love with the custom scene. For him, bikes were a platform. A blank canvas for a thousand possibilities. It’s not hard to see this influence in the Iron 883™. The urban aggression of Tokyo, with the bare boned customization of California. He’s put his life and soul into this new bike.

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