From WWI to post-WWII, see how Harley-Davidson motorcycles have served both behind the scenes and on the front lines all over the world.

H-D Supports The Military

H-D Supports The Military

Harley-Davidson has always been on the front line — right next to the troops. Check out our photos of factory workers in Milwaukee and the troops who used H-D motorcycles beginning in 1916. We’re proud to play a role.

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More stories from the battlefield

Military Metal
Military Metal
Read about the machines that brough the name “Harley-Davidson” around the world during wartime.
Story of a World War I Picture
Story of a World War I Picture
Learn how a regular guy from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin became the first “Yank” to enter Germany after WWI – on a Harley.
Harley-Davidson and the U.S Military
Harley-Davidson and the U.S. Military
A brief overview of the Motor Company’s military involvement.
Tailgunner's Mount Makes It Home
Tailgunner's Mount Makes It Home
The moving story of how the motorcycle of a young airman killed in WWII found its way to the Harley-Davidson Museum.
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    Bikes Over Baghdad

    The H-D BMX team has entertained troops overseas and across America with their high-flying action.

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  • Ready to Ride When You Come Home

    Ready to Ride
    When You Come Home

    Have the bike of your dreams waiting for you.

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    Rumble Through a Century
    of History

    Harley's have been a part of the military since World War I. Visit the H-D Museum® for the whole story.

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