The possibilities are Wide Open

Don’t think big, think bigger. We can handle it. You’ll have the time of your life. So will your 14,999 friends.


Outdoor Map

Outdoors (up to 15,000 people)

What’s your pleasure: Terrace gathering? Party tent? Outdoor concert? Bounce-castle village? Three-ring circus, elephants included?

Make no small plans. Our expansive, riverfront Museum campus accommodates the biggest of big bashes. And our top-flight event team ensures that everything goes smoothly, down to the last detail.

The Museum’s in-house caterer offers a full range of customizable menu options. Our preferred vendors can provide tent set-up, seating, audio-visual needs, valet parking, and many other services.

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Additional Exterior Space

Additional Exterior Space
Location: Accommodates: Size:
Northwest yard 5,260 people 110,616 sq. feet
Northeast yard 630 people 12,023 sq. feet
North yard 4,200 people 82,493 sq. feet
Southwest yard 5,060 people 96,087 sq. feet
Southeast yard 2,525 people 48,107 sq. feet
South yard 3,730 people 71,556 sq. feet
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