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Your own design. Straight from our factory.

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2013 Harley-Davidson® Dyna® Street Bob®

Street Bob® Key Features

Street Bob®

Key Features

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® H-D1™ Factory Customization

H-D1 Factory Customization

Make it yours from the start. Now with H-D1 factory customization, your personalized Street Bob® motorcycle is built just for you from the Harley-Davidson factory. It's easy: use the online H-D1 Bike Builder tool to configure a bike that fits your style and personality. Select from extended paint offerings and genuine H-D engines, wheels, seats, handlebars, footpeg positions and security. Bring your plan to your Harley-Davidson dealer for consultation and to place your order. Our employees go to work, building your motorcycle, according to your design, and in about 4 weeks* your masterpiece will be ready for you at your dealer.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® New Black Out Styling

New Black Out Styling

You demanded it and we heard you. We’ve re-imagined the Street Bob® motorcycle for 2013, stripping it back to its roots with a classic, essential bobber style and massive amounts of black finish: gloss black front end triple clamps, textured black console, blacked out powertrain with textured covers. It's an aggressive, unpolished street attitude that pulls no punches and delivers only what you need, nothing you don’t.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Hard Candy Custom™ Paint Color (Optional)

Hard Candy Custom Paint Color (Optional)

New for 2013, Hard Candy Custom paint is a large metal flake finish that’s more than just paint job, it’s a shining declaration of independence—bright, bold and unique. The Dyna® Street Bob® model is available in Hard Candy Big Red Flake (or, through H-D1 Factory Customization, in Hard Candy Lucky Green Flake, Hard Candy Coloma Gold Flake, or Hard Candy Big Red Flake with Waterslide graphics.)

Recalling the iconic rebel styling of ‘70s custom bikes, Hard Candy Custom paint marks another milestone in The Motor Company’s legacy of innovation. We start with several passes of 200 micron flake over a black base, then clear coat it, hand-lay the graphics, and apply the many layers of clear coat to allow the flake to shine through. It’s a painstaking process that delivers a premium custom look straight from the factory, so you can start flying your colors with no waiting or extra effort.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Mini "Ape-Hanger" Handlebar

Mini "Ape-Hanger" Handlebar

Grab hold of the stainless steel mini ape-hanger handlebar and put your fists way into the wind. The style is pure post-war bobbers, and we keep it clean and minimalist by routing the wires inside the steel. And new for 2013, we've rubber-isolated the bars with separate risers and blacked out top triple clamps, so you can ride more comfortably, with less vibration, and can accessorize with less hassle.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Bobber Solo Seat

Bobber Solo Seat

True to the old school bobber look, a slammed, 25.5-inch low solo seat drops you in nice and snug to the bike and close to the pavement beneath you. It's the ultimate bond with the road and your machine. Get the quintessential bobber style without sacrificing the comfort of the ride.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Blacked Out Rims & Large Front Wheel

Blacked Out Rims & Large Front Wheel

Raw, gritty and no-nonsense—minimalist, yet premium in every detail—the Street Bob® motorcycle's overall blacked out styling includes black laced steel wheels and stainless steel spokes with an aggressive 19" wheel up front to lead your way out of the mundane. Blacked out like the Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam engine, these wheels make a bold statement and provide a smooth, true ride.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® New Bobber Powertrain & Air Cover

New Bobber Powertrain & Air Cover

As part of its back-to-basics 2013 restyle, we’ve refined the Street Bob® model's powertrain’s along more classic, minimal lines. Along with the retro-style air cleaner cover, stamped with The Motor Company Bar and Shield, this gives the engine an authentic old-iron soul and genuine Bobber presence.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® New Blacked Out Console

New Blacked Out Console

A big part of the 2013 Street Bob® model’s raw look—and another refinement you asked for—this blacked-out, gas tank-mounted console delivers minimalist style and big functionality. The full-length console is textured-black and includes an integrated barrel-key ignition switch and LED indicator lights, electronic speedometer with gear/RPM indicator, tach, clock, trip-meter, and engine diagnostics.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Chopped Rear Fender

Chopped Rear Fender

Lose the support covers and a good chunk of metal and you get another important feature of the bobber from yesteryear: the chopped rear fender. Stripped down clean, this fender offers just enough surface for low-profile taillights and a side mounted license plate bracket. Give other riders more tire to look at when you blow past them.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Stop-Turn-Tail Lights

Stop-Turn-Tail Lights

Old school looks meet new-school engineering. Minimalist chrome retro-style bullet taillights combine functionality to work twice as hard—stop beams and running lights plus turn indicators in two low-profile rear lamps.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Fuel Tank Medallions

Fuel Tank Medallions

When it comes to motorcycles, there's one name that people will never mistake for another: Harley-Davidson. The 2013 Street Bob® model features newly designed cast fuel tank medallions with classic styling that oozes the iconic Harley-Davidson attitude. Consider it your badge of honor bolted on the side of the fuel tank so everyone can see exactly how you roll.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Personalized Paint Options

Personalized Paint Options

Basic black is bad to the bone but a little color can go a long way to creating a unique look. Add even more retro flair and Bobber attitude with Denim paint. Or take it to the next level of authentic Bobber styling with Big Blue Pearl and hand-laid Scallop graphics. And if you've got an eye for brilliance, add gleaming, 1970s custom-style metal flake shine with the new Hard Candy Custom paint option. Want to go even further with your custom? Check out the Street Bob® model's H-D1 factory customization offerings and see how easy it can be to create your custom of one, straight from the factory.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Step up to 103 Power with H-D1™

Step up to 103 Power with H-D1

With the 2013 Street Bob® model a part of our H-D1 Factory Customization program, you can easily personalize your bobber custom. Tell us how you want it and we'll build it for you, straight from the factory—including stepping up your engine to a Twin Cam 103. With more stump-pulling torque, the Twin Cam 103 delivers a performance punch you’ll definitely appreciate on the road, along with lower cruising rpm, for smoother riding, with less vibration and better highway fuel economy. So live life to the power of 103 on your Street Bob®, with H-D1, only from Harley-Davidson.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 96™ Engine Heritage

Twin Cam 96 Engine Heritage

The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when we created the Twin Cam 96 engine. We sweated bullets perfecting every cubic inch, pushing design and technology forward. And we did it all without compromising one bit of Harley-Davidson's unique styling. Evolved, yet carrying on the legacy of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution® and Twin Cam 88® engines that came before. The performance and durability are a direct result of the untold miles logged on the V-Twin since 1909, and the proud heritage that comes from a century's worth of commitment to life on two wheels.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 96™ Engine Innovation

Twin Cam 96 Engine Innovation

Fire up the Twin Cam 96 engine and feel the low-end torque unleashed. Thanks to the lightweight piston design, delivery of the added power is more refined than ever. Then put your foot on the shifter and feel how the engine and Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission were designed to work together. Six speeds. A strong driveline and strong internal parts. Low routine maintenance. And a low cruising rpm couldn't feel better.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Pure Blacked Out Styling

Pure Blacked Out Styling

Feast your eyes on the Twin Cam 96 engine and there's no mistaking its roots. From the classic edge of the cooling fins to the clean lines of cases and covers, this is authentic Harley-Davidson style through and through with an attention to detail you won't find from any other motorcycle company. The finish, newly designed for 2013 as part of the Street Bob model's re-imagined dark styling, features a blacked out powertrain, a gloss black battery cover and textured wrinkle-black rockers with highlighted fins. It's pure, minimal styling that makes an elemental statement about holding to what's right and staying true to what satisfies.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Six-Speed Cruise Drive®

Six-Speed Cruise Drive®

You want a ride that rumbles—not begs for mercy—when you lean on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. It's a rare ride when a bike responds like this, and a low growl goes a long way when you're opening up the road ahead.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® H-D® Smart Security System (Optional)

H-D® Smart Security System (Optional)

The factory-installed next-generation security system features a hands-free fob that automatically arms and disarms the vehicle electronic security functions as you approach and walk away from the bike. Stick the fob on your ignition key ring and let it do all the work. It's this attention to details and security that make Harley-Davidson® motorcycles unique. Offered as a part of the 'Security Package' (which includes Anti-Lock Brakes).

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Anti-Lock Brakes (Optional)

Anti-Lock Brakes (Optional)

You may be cruising with swagger, but you know safety counts. This sophisticated, factory-installed ABS gives 'stopping power' a double meaning. Its components are tastefully hidden within the wheel hub, so you'll still turn heads with clean, streamlined design. But more importantly, you get certainty in the saddle knowing your bike's going to behave when you need it. Offered as a part of the 'Security Package' (which includes the H-D® Smart Security System).

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Adjustable Suspension

Adjustable Suspension

Preload is easily adjusted with a spanner wrench to make your suspension suit you and your riding style. The slammed low rear suspension gives you a more laid-back riding position and style. Low-profile, kicked back for profiling down the boulevard and hugging corners.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Michelin® Scorcher™ Tires

Michelin® Scorcher Tires

Michelin® Scorcher Tires provide the superior performance, sensational grip, impressive durability and excellent handling expected on a race-bred bike. The exclusive deep-cut tread design improves grip and water evacuation capability. Grip performance and durability is also enhanced by the tire's rubber compounds, which use the latest generation of Michelin synthetic polymers. Under the rear rubber, aramid belts are used to stabilize your ride, which helps inspire confidence in handling.

2013 Dyna® Street Bob® Motorcycles Harley-Davidson® Mid-Mounted Controls

Mid-Mounted Controls

Let your boots fall where they may, naturally to the mid-mounted controls and rider foot pegs on the Street Bob® model. An easy reach and tight rider triangle is confidence-inspiring for new riders eager to set off on their journey and riders whose legs run slightly shorter than others.

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About Harley-Davidson Dyna® Street Bob®

The 2013 Harley-Davidson® Dyna® Street Bob FXDB model is a classic bobber motorcycle. Newly redesigned for 2013, the Harley® Street Bob model has been stripped down and refined to pure bobber essence. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t, pure and simple. Also new for 2013, the Street Bob FXDB model is the ideal starting point for easily creating your own customized cruiser; with optional H-D1 factory customization you can design your perfect, personalized ride and order it built to your specifications directly from the factory. Also for 2013, the Dyna® Street Bob FXDB model comes with optional Hard Candy Custom, a large metal flake paint finish that recalls the iconic styling of '70s custom bikes, and offers blazing color showing through a deep, finish. If you're looking for bobber motorcycles you'll like the Street Bob model's slammed solo bobber seat. This seat not only adds to the style of the bike, but also keeps you comfortable. The bobber appearance is also maintained in the post-war style, stainless steel mini ape hanger handlebar. Add that to the stripped down Dyna® fender, in combination with a good portion of the metal stripped off the bike, and you have a classic bobber motorcycle look. The 1940s sausage taillight also adds to the classic bobber motorcycle style. The classic look continues with the Harley Street Bob FXDB model's black laced steel 19-inch Harley wheels. And the blacked out rims, match the blacked out style of the Twin Cam 96 engine. Learn more about our other motorcycles including: the Super Glide Custom Harley-Davidson® model, the Wide Glide chopper motorcycle, and the Fat Bob Dark Custom model that has a big motorcycle feel. Also take a look at the Harley touring motorcycles and the Harley CVO motorcycles.


* Vehicle shown may vary visually by market and may differ from vehicles manufactured and delivered. See your dealer for details.