Dark Custom - The Road Less Travelled

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Time was it used to take hundreds of hours wrenching to get the look. Wielding the spanners whilst following the age old theory "if you don’t need it, junk it". Built by riders who wanted a bike to use, a bike to ride at every opportunity. Not a sculpture to park up and polish. Working deep into the night in garages, workshops or even front rooms, a beer in the cooler and the stereo cranked until it looked just right. The lines, the attitude and the stance absolutely perfect, just as you’d pictured it in your mind. Poised. Clean. Subtle.

And these home-grown bar hoppers and brawlers have emerged from the underground scene and inspired a whole new generation of Harley-Davidson® riders. Machines for a new breed of rider seeking something different. Stripped-out street bikes available direct from the dealership floor.