Whether you're a two-wheeled novice or a seasoned
road veteran, Rider’s Edge® - The Harley-Davidson
Academy of Motorcycling can help you enjoy the
freedom of the open road.

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Never Ridden before? Don’t worry—it’s easier than ever to get the skills you need to hit the road with confidence. 

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  • Friendly, enthusiastic Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) certified Instructors make learning to ride a breeze.
  • Classroom time gets you familiar with the bike, its controls and the inner workings of aHarley-Davidson® dealership.
  • Learn basic motorcycling skills on the range with a motorcycle provided by the dealership.
  • Successful completion of the training course may streamline your motorcycle licensing process and may help you get a discount on motorcycle insurance.


Designed to enhance your cornering, stopping and swerving abilities, this course is a 6-7 hour course held over one or two days.

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  • Use your own bike (or a rental) and build your skills on a closed course rider training range.
  • Enhance the following skills: control at low speeds, risk management, limited space maneuvers, cornering judgment, stopping quickly in a curve, swerving, multiple curve maneuvers and surmounting objects.
  • Successful completion of this motorcycle training course may help you get a discount on motorcycle insurance.


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