Submitted by: Christel 
Posted: 19 Oct

"My Rx for stress reduction: a long ride on my Fat Boy!."

A few years ago my husband kept talking about how he always wanted a Harley and so we started looking. I surprised him on his birthday with a 2008 Dyna and told him that I wanted to ride too. So we took the MSF course together. I was very nervous at first, but became more comfortable and when I saw the new SuperLow™ I thought I had found my ride. I've always loved Softails, but I convinced myself that they were too big. But when I tried the SuperLow, it didn't feel like it fit. The sales gal at our dealer told me to go for it and try the Fat Boy I had been looking at. She told me it was well balanced and that I would love it. I took it out for a spin and OMG it was an awesome ride. I found it so easy to ride and so comfortable. I bought it and put the first 100 miles on it the first weekend!

I am a family practice doctor and I work hard all the time. I have found that my Rx for stress reduction: a long ride on my Fat Boy! As I roll on the throttle I feel all the tension and stress just roll away�I wish everyone could know the feeling. My patients love it that I ride, they wave at me when they see me out on the road.

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It's the quintessential "fat custom" cruiser bike. Laid-back and luxurious with dominating fat front end and hidden rear shocks for the classic hardtail chopper look