Submitted by: Liz 
Posted: 8 Dec

"It's hard to describe...that utter sense of freedom and exhilaration!"

Now 35, it seems so long ago when I got my license to drive a motorcycle. As soon as I turned 19, I took the motorcycle safety course. But it took 15 years to get my first bike. Well worth the wait. For the longest time, I would ride on the back of my friends' bikes any chance I got.
When I was ready to buy my bike, I went to the Harley-Davidson dealer and sat on a few bikes. That's when the 2011 SuperLow caught my eye. As soon as I sat on it, I was sold. The colors are classic Harley off white, black and orange. It was perfect for my 5'8'' height. I knew handling it wouldn't be a problem. Since I hadn't ridden by myself for a while, I took my time relearning. My friends�other Harley riders� helped me get back on the road. It didn't take long. I was scared at first, so I rode the first 30 miles up and down my street.

It's hard to describe how wonderful it is to ride my own bike and feel that utter sense of freedom and exhilaration! I love it and I encourage all women motorcycle lovers to experience riding on your own. Be safe and happy riding!

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The SuperLow™ motorcycle is a great bike for new riders, easy to ride with a low seat height and a comfortable riding position.