You belong on a Harley® motorcycle.
Our Rider's Edge® New Rider
Course will put you there.




In the classroom, you'll learn the basics of riding safety. On the practice range, you'll develop the skills of shifting, braking, turning and other maneuvers.

Riding a motorcycle is a skill — you have to learn it. And solid training is the best way to start. With Rider's Edge®, you'll learn the proper techniques and skills you need to eventually master the open road.



  • How much does it cost?

    The H-D® dealer where you sign up for the course will determine the exact cost.

  • What will I need to register?

    You'll need a valid automobile driver's license or learner's permit.

  • Do I need any special gear?

    You'll need to bring the following:

    • A heavy, long-sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Jeans, chaps or leather pants
    • Over-the-ankle, sturdy footwear
    • Full-fingered gloves
    • A helmet that meets DOT requirements
    • Protective eyewear, like sunglasses


  • What bike will I ride?

    For the riding portion, your H-D® dealer will provide a motorcycle suited for the course.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can use our Find a New Rider Course section to sign up online.

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