A documentary that follows the journeys of Latino Harley® motorcycle riders as they seek adventure, camaraderie and the achievement of the American Dream.

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About the Film

Harlistas: An American Journey is an authentic look into Latino motorcycling culture told through four pivotal stories of real-life characters.

This first-of-a-kind documentary, directed by Alfredo de Villa , sheds light on Harlista's fascinating devotion to the open road, Latino culture, and the iconic American motorcycle brand.

The Riders

Carlos "Shorty" Tenorio has come a long way from working 3 jobs as a destitute Nicaraguan refugee. Now a successful mechanic living in Chicago, IL and the proud owner of two Harley® motorcycles, Shorty is taking his son, "Junior" on the boy's first long ride down the rugged Pacific Coast. As they near the end of their trip, Shorty bestows
one of his customized bikes to his son as a celebration of his coming of age and of
their unbreakable bond.

“ This ride is what I'll pass on to my son. ”

 The four charismatic and entertaining Rodriguez brothers from Queens, NY (Pat, Jay, Ernie and Vito) ride to Sturgis, South Dakota: the motorcycle Mecca. The journey brings them together as brothers, and serves a tribute of gratitude to their father, who gave up his own motorcycling dreams for the American Dream, and a memorial to their beloved sister who died in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.                                

“ We like riding. It's our bond that keeps us together. ”

Danny Huerta's father, an avid Harlista who recently passed away, inspired him to change his life for the better and devote himself to fixing and riding Harley® bikes. Danny, a Harley-Davidson® technician from Baldwin Park, CA, is now retracing his father's motorcycle journey through the Southwest, using his dad's vintage photos from the trip as a road map. Danny's ride through the majestic landscape brings him connection and closure with the loss of his father, and his customized Harley® motorcycle serves as a lasting tribute.

“ I'm going to ride because I need to find my father again. ”

Lonnie Gallegos and his stepson Jerry Ramirez live in the depressed community of Alhambra, CA - an area rife with drugs, crime and gang violence. Through the family business, a bike customization shop, Lonnie has helped Jerry stay out of jail and on track to become a successful entrepreneur. They work together to customize low-rider motorcycles, in homage to their cultural roots.

“ Some people go to the therapist, my therapist is H-D®. ”

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Breaking free and achieving the unbelievable. Latino riders everywhere have spoken up.

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