whats your exercise?

These are some of the excuses we hear every day from people whose souls are obviously aching to ride. Think of them as the little voices in your head that want to stop you living the life you deserve. Now let's silence them.

"It's too expensive" 
You might be surprised to learn that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are much more affordable than you think. We highly recommend you visit or call your local dealer to find the right Harley for you at the right price. You'd be dazzled to know that if you give a little: Pack a lunch, golf a little less, skip the pub for a night, lose a few satellite channels - that's really all it'll take. You won't regret it.

Get a lot: It's your passport to the life you deserve. Your bid for freedom. Your statement of individuality.

"Harley-Davidson? Don't they just do big old tourers?" 
There are over 28 different Harley-Davidson models to explore. In fact, no other motorcycle manufacturer offers more options than we do.

Sure, we do some amazing long-haul luxury models but then we also do everything else from stripped-down Sportsters and street Cruisers to Custom classics. So whatever your size, style, experience or desire there's a Harley for you. Remember, this is before we even mention customising. Basically, you can be riding a Harley that's unique to you sooner than you think, for less than you think.

"I don't know where to start." 
Well you're here, so you've made a pretty good start already and the next step's not so hard either.

Need lessons to get your licence? Call your local dealer today and enquire about the various ways to get a license and proper training to get the skills and confidence you need to love your life on two wheels. Find your closest Harley-Davidson dealer here .

Ready to look at a bike or two? There's a Harley-Davidson┬« dealer in your area standing by. Just stop in. Ask some questions. See the bikes. Everyone's welcome. Especially folks who didn't think they knew where to start. Find your closest Harley-Davidson dealer here.

"Now's not the right time." 
If we all spent our lives waiting for 'the right time' before we did anything, we'd still be sitting around waiting for the Industrial Revolution to happen. Sometimes you've just got to grab life by the scruff of the neck and live it to the full.

You know what breaks our hearts? The number of people who finally get around to buying their first Harley and then say to us "Why did I wait so long?"

"I don't know when I'd have time to ride." 
Really? What about that boring commute to work? Or when you need to run out for a takeaway? That could be your time. You're just wasting it in your car. Reclaim it, and free yourself from the cage.

Pretty soon you'll be inventing reasons to ride. Freeing up whole weekends to explore the country. To see it in a way you've never seen it before. To truly experience freedom.

Or you could just carry on waiting for the 'right time' to come along. Your choice.

"I'm worried about getting hurt." 
Look, we'd be lying if we didn't acknowledge that riding has its risks. Just like driving does. And playing sports. And getting out of bed in the morning.

The important thing is to take safety seriously, and to be prepared.

That's why we offer training courses to drill safe riding skills into you. And it's why we strongly recommend that you never take to the road without the proper protective riding gear.

Knowledge is safety: Before you take to the streets, make sure you're properly trained and licensed.

Use protection: Increase your comfort and safety on the road with the proper riding gear. How much gear to wear is a personal choice, but Harley-Davidson strongly recommends wearing appropriate gear every time you ride, including a helmet that meets safety requirements, a long-sleeve leather or functional jacket with body armour, sturdy long riding denim, gloves, eye protection, and over-the-ankle boots:http://motorclothes.harley-davidson.eu/education/riding-gear/riding-essentials/

The basic truth: We're not going to say it's as safe as sitting inside staring out the window while the world passes you by, but what rewards in life come without a little risk? If you respect the tenets of safe riding, you can increase your enjoyment of the sport. You can find information on how to ride safely by contacting your local dealer and ask them about training they offer.

"My partner will never go for it." 
We hear this a lot. So don't worry, you're not alone. To be fair, it's understandable that they're going to have a few concerns. They'll probably worry about your safety, about how you're going to afford it, and about you disappearing at the weekend. So let's see if we can help you get them on board.

Do your research: We don't want this to sound like a half-baked plan, do we? So arm yourself with information. Know what you want. Have the figures ready. Check out the bikes online and make a visit or two to your dealer.

Get them involved: Start by visiting a dealer together. Then talk about riding together, with them on the back or on their own bike. Refer to all this as 'extra quality time together'. It just might work.

Make it a family affair: With seats that swap easily to a full line of quick detachable passenger backrests, your bike will transform from a solo cruiser to a two-up touring machine in minutes. Ride solo or ride together. See? It's not just for you.

Promise you'll be safe, but be honest about the risks. Reassure them that you'll take a rider education course and invest in the proper riding gear. Let them know you're that you're not just serious about riding: you're just as serious about safety.

Plan a trip: There's no better way to get someone excited about a new bike in the family than talking about the places you'll go together on your new Harley. It might be a local bike night or an epic adventure in the great mountains of Lebanon, or in the hot deserts of U.A.E or Oman, or even to the South of France. What about a ride along Route 66 someday or anywhere in the world really? The Sky is the limit!