How can i becomea harley-davidson dealer

Our family of Harley-Davidson dealers are the keepers of a unique culture and the heart of a diverse customer base united by a love for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Relationship with Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson does not charge a franchise fee for obtaining a Harley-Davidson® dealership. All our dealers are independent business people. Each dealer operates under a contract with Harley-Davidson Motor Company to retail certain Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, Finance and Insurance (F&I), Parts & Accessories, and MotorClothes® apparel and collectibles.

Financial Requirements

Regardless of the investment requirements for a particular dealership opportunity, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has also established minimum financial requirements for dealer prospects to be entered into the prospect database. These financial requirements ensure the strength of the candidate and continued growth of the business. In order to meet the minimum requirements, the Net Worth amount must total $2.0 million or more in aggregate and the amount of liquid assets must total $1.0 million or more in aggregate for all investors.

NOTE: The investment requirements for a sellout of an existing dealership are often higher than $1 million unencumbered funds.

Dealer Application

Anyone who will have any ownership in the dealership must complete the Prospective Dealer Application (PDF) in its entirety. We must receive completed Prospective Dealer Applications from all partners, officers, and/or other individuals who will have any financial or ownership interest in the proposed dealership. Feel free to make a photocopy of these forms if necessary.

Please keep in mind that in addition to our minimum financial, personal, and business qualifications, we require a majority owner of greater than 50%, to commit to the full time, on-site management of the dealership operation. If you currently own a business, please provide us with your plan to transfer to someone else the full authority for the day-to-day operating management of your current business.

Top Three Facts


New Dealerships
(Targets) - Harley-Davidson selects the markets and locations where new dealerships will be established. Harley-Davidson conducts its own market studies when considering expansion of the dealer network.


Selling parts/clothing
Harley-Davidson products are distributed exclusively through authorized, full-line dealerships. Only these full-line dealers may own additional locations that specialize in MotorClothes® apparel, collectibles, and Genuine Motor Accessories.


Financial requirements
The minimum requirements that Harley-Davidson looks for when reviewing Prospective Dealer Applications are $2 million net worth and $1 million unencumbered funds (liquid assets).The investment requirements for a sellout of an existing dealership are often higher than $1 million unencumbered funds.

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