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H.O.G.® Benefits Chart

Membership Card X X X X
Embroidered H.O.G. Patch X X X X
Bronze H.O.G. Pin X X X X
ABCs of Touring X X X X
*^ AT&T Wireless X   X  
* Best Western Ride Rewards® X X X X
* Chapters X X X X
* Events X X X  
* H-D® Authorized Rentals X X X X
* Harley-Davidson Deck at Miller Park X X X X
* Harley-Davidson® Insurance X X X X
* Harley-Davidson Museum X X X X
HOG® Magazine X   X  
* H.O.G. Merchandise X X X X
Ladies of Harley® X X X X
Life Member Patch and Pin     X X
Member Services Center X X X X X X X X
Mileage Program X X X X
Million Mile Monday X X X X
* Motorcycle Shipping X   X  
** Roadside Assistance Program X   X  
Safe Rider Skills Program X X X X
† 10- and 25-Year Member Recognition X X X X
Theft Reward X   X  
Touring Handbook X   X  
Benefits and services subject to change.
* Members are eligible to participate in program or may receive discounted rates.
  Additional fees apply. See appropriate section for more information.
** “Standard” coverage is included with membership. Additional coverage is available for additional cost.
  See appropriate section for details.
Must complete 10 or 25 consecutive years of membership.
^ Available to U.S. full and full life members only.