Welcome to the next mile of Project RUSHMORE. We put on more miles, talked to more riders, dreamed bigger, pushed

harder and then we built the machines you see here.  Throw your leg over one of the new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Discover the feel, control, infotainment and style that Project RUSHMORE brings to the road. This is everything

imagination and addiction to the long haul can dream up, turned into genuine Harley-Davidson steel.




What riders think

We gave a group of riders a chance to test ride our Project Rushmore bikes.

Hear how their experience took them from skeptic to believer in one ride.


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Project RUSHMORE has led to amazing advances in control. Locked-up

tires are now history – even in wet pavement, you can see better – lights

are brighter and riders are more conspicuous to the cage-driving public.

Because bikes that perform better make riders who ride better. 





Introducing a system that blows away most luxury cars. More pure sound. Big, full-color touch screens. Switches that are located where you want them. Voice activation for your music, phone and GPS.  Check out the Project RUSHMORE infotainment system. You won’t believe your eyes. Or ears.

Voice Control

Voice Control

How cool would it be to play any song you want to hear just by telling your motorcycle to play it? Get on a Project RUSHMORE motorcycle and find out. We took the technology farther so you could experience things you haven't before.  With the Boom!™ Audio Music and Communication headset (sold separately) or a wired helmet you can operate your music, phone and GPS by voice command. 

Intuative Hand Controls

Intuative Hand Controls

We made the hand controls bigger, and added two new joysticks for toggling through your menus, and put them within easy, intuitive reach. They engage with a solid, positive click. We spent thousands of hours getting them exactly right. Because we know you're going to spend thousands of hours using them.

<p style="font-family: tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">GPS Alert

GPS Alert

Two things a rider needs to know: When you're low on fuel and where the next gas station is. When the tank runs low, the new Project RUSHMORE GPS gives you an alert, and lets you know the way to the nearest station.



The all-new, water-resistant Jukebox media storage compartment is a first for Harley-Davidson. Instead of a traditional hinge design, we developed a four-bar linkage to optimize the storage space. It also comes open with one push of one finger. Plug your iPhone®, iPod® or other compatible device into the USB port. You're connected and can operate your phone and music through the hand, voice recognition or touchscreen controls on the motorcycle's infotainment system. And you'll never run out of juice, because the system charges your phone while it's plugged in.


The new Project RUSHMORE display puts it all up there right before your eyes in bright, easy-to-read 6.5" touchscreen living color and running the electronic information on your motorcycle couldn’t get any easier.





We’ve always done it the best. And now we’ve done it better. Let your eyes take a ride over the new styling. Cut back front fender. Sleek, new Batwing fairing with Splitstream vent. Modern, clean saddlebag and Tour-Pak® luggage carrier design. The look is sleeker, the luggage space is larger. It's an all-new look and classic, iconic, jaw-dropping Harley-Davidson at the same time.  




The comfort of our machines has been dialed in over 110 years and thousands of miles. Long hours in the saddle are the only way there is to learn what you need to know about being truly comfortable. We won’t stop until we build the best machines you can throw a leg over. We all want to go farther. When you are comfortable in the saddle, you can.





Thanks to Project RUSHMORE, cheating the wind just took a huge leap forward. Thousands of hours in the wind tunnel and out on the road led to the new splitstream vent. It equalizes airflow reducing head buffeting by 20 percent, making riding in the wind even better.



Passenger Comfort

Here's a message to all you riding shotgun – your time in the saddle just got better. We’ve made the passenger area wider and deeper, designed ergonomic new back and arm rests, and moved the saddlebag guards to give your legs more room.

Harley-Davidson® Triple Vent System™ Jacket

There's only one way to put the vents in the jacket in the exact place the wind hits you when you're on the bike – get in the wind tunnel. Science is behind Project RUSHMORE. Designed in the wind tunnel with a rider wearing the jacket on a bike – it takes the technology of better airflow to a whole new level.


The Bikes for the next leg of our epic journey are rolling off the line.
A whole new ride starts now. Project RUSHMORE. Built by all of us, for all of us.

CVO™ Road Glide® Ultra

The all-new CVO Road Glide Ultra packs more mile-devouring function and aggressive style into a motorcycle than a mile-hungry rider ever dreamed possible.

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CVO™ Street Glide®

This is the 2016 CVO Street Glide. The premium custom Grand American Touring machine for the long haul rider who wants it all.

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CVO™ Limited

This is the 2016 CVO Limited. The premium custom Grand American Touring machine from Harley-Davidson for the long haul rider who wants it all.

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Road Glide®

The choice of the high-mileage road warrior is back loaded with attitude modern style and Project RUSHMORE features for the long haul.

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Road Glide® Special

Totally new and decked out with aggressive style and mile-eating features the Road Glide Special cuts a wide swath wherever it rolls.

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Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®

This is the machine that puts the Grand in Grand American touring. Supreme luxury and luggage capacity make rolling the big miles go easy.

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Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Low

Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Low is the machine that puts the Grand in Grand American touring. Luxury and luggage capacity make the big miles go easy.

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Road Glide® Ultra

The all-new Road Glide Ultra has as much pure Harley-Davidson open road style as we can pack onto a two wheel long-mile Touring machine.

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Ultra Limited

This is the exclusive top-of-the-line Harley-Davidson touring machine. Built for traveling big miles in unparalleled luxury and comfort.

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Ultra limited low

2016 Ultra Limited Low is the exclusive top-of-the-line Harley-Davidson touring machine. Built for traveling big miles in unparalleled luxury and comfort.

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Road King®

Nostalgia comes rolling hard into the modern day on the Road King. The look is timeless but the machine beneath is all right now.

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Street Glide®

The Street Glide model became the number one selling motorcycle in the world for two reasons. Number 1: The look. Number 2: The ride. It's the hottest of the hot rod baggers.

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Street Glide® Special

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Tri Glide® Ultra

So much mile-eating function and comfort it needed an extra wheel. There's almost no limit to just how far the features on Tri Glide Harley Trike can go.

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Hot rod inspired style and a smaller easy-handling size make the Freewheeler unlike any other trike on the road. Confidence comes instantly in this saddle.

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