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TECHNICAL TRAINING course description


POLICE 'A': Vehicle Maintenance
This course is based on the needs for routine, scheduled maintenance of Harley-Davidson® Police Model Motorcycles. The skills needed to perform maintenance that meets Harley-Davidson® specifications are complex and diverse. This course is designed to offer participants a "hands on" introduction to all aspects of routine, scheduled maintenance. Upon completion of this course, participants will perform a wider variety of maintenance tasks more efficiently and to Harley-Davidson® specifications.

No Prerequisite
Tuition: $595.00

POLICE 'D': Electrical Diagnostics
This course concentrates on the fundamentals of electrical charging, ignition, and starting systems. As new technologies are used in Harley-Davidson® Police Motorcycles, electronics play an ever-increasing role in the proper functioning of the motorcycle's various systems and components. Participants will learn to use modern electrical testing equipment to properly diagnose and correct abnormalities in the motorcycle's electrical systems. The course includes design and function, proper system set up, and adjustment. Basic electrical fundamentals will also be reviewed.

Prerequisite: Police A
Tuition: $595.00

POLICE 'F': Chassis Service/ABS Service
This course will introduce the Technician to the procedures needed to service and set-up all major chassis components of Harley-Davidson® Police Motorcycles. Students will learn the design and function and acquire the skills to maintain and adjust the chassis components. Students will also receive instruction in the proper functioning, diagnosis, and repair of the Anti-Lock Brake System designed exclusively for Harley-Davidson® Police Motorcycles.

Prerequisite: Police A & D
Tuition: $595.00

POLICE 'B': Power Train Service
This course will present an overview of the design and function of the Twin Cam 103® engine and six-speed transmission, including clutch assembly. Portions of this class involve the diagnosis of abnormalities within the engine and transmission. The instructor will coach the participants to develop and improve their diagnostic and measuring skills.

Tasks include engine removal, disassembly, component identification, reassembly, and installation. Please note: This is an advanced class.

Prerequisite: Police A, D, & F
Tuition: $595.00

POLICE 'E': Engine Management Systems
This course will introduce the student to the Electronic Fuel Injection Systems used in Harley-Davidson® Police Motorcycles. Students will acquire the skills to maintain, diagnose, and repair E.F.I. Systems without the use of Digital Technician. Diagnostics and repair of Electronic Speedometers and Turn Signal/Security Modules will also be presented.

Prerequisite: Police A, D, F, and B
Tuition: $595.00