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Why I Ride

Passion for H-D fuels family legacy


For Sam Klein, riding his motorcycle to H.O.G. events across the country is just part of the job. And, he doesn’t want it any other way. What began years ago as a college job is now what Klein calls his “dream job.”

From the back of his dad’s motorcycle when he was a child to riding his own, Sam Klein’s love for Harley-Davidson grew throughout the years, inspiring his career path. His dad was the first to show him the freedom found on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and that’s where his journey began.


Klein is the Senior Regional H.O.G. Coordinator with responsibility for H.O.G. event strategy at Juneau Avenue, but his Harley-Davidson career goes back eight years when he began working at the H-D Museum. Back then, he didn’t know his college job would turn into a dream career.


“I always thought Harley-Davidson was cool, but after I started working here, I noticed it was such a great company,” Klein said. “When I graduated college, I was promoted and wanted to keep going.”


Klein isn’t the first in his family to build a career at Harley-Davidson. His dad, Bob Klein, joined the company in 1977 and retired this past March as Senior Director of Corporate Reputation. The passing of the torch came on his dad’s last day, which was appropriately Klein’s first day in his new position.


Klein jumped headfirst into his new role where he focuses on H.O.G. rallies and events. He’s eager to put his talents and creativity to work for the company he’s passionate about. “I’m excited being part of the team that’s continuing to improve the H.O.G. experience for members while expanding to new generations,” he said.


For Klein, a significant part of his job is getting to ride. Growing up, he’d jump on the back of his dad’s bike, but in 2011, he got his license and started riding his own. He believes riding is the coolest thing you can do, and he’s happy it’s built into his job description.

“I have the opportunity to do something others think about doing,” Klein said. “I get to meet new people and see parts of the country I wouldn’t usually see if I was traveling in a car...I love riding and enjoying the experience.”


He just got back from a H.O.G. rally in Lexington, Ky., where he rode his 2016 Road Glide Special alongside his parents. “That was my favorite trip so far,” Klein said. “It was just me, my mom and dad…it was really nice riding with them. Plus, it was my first rally in my new position, so it was great having them there.”


Klein represented the company at the rally by speaking to the crowd. “When I finished, my dad told me I sounded a lot like him…which was cool to my dad but a little scary to me,” he said.


Klein’s thankful for the opportunity to begin down the road his dad began paving nearly 40 years ago, but as he’s already shown, he has the passion and desire to follow his own road. “My dad left a legacy here, but I want to make my own.”









Klein on his 2016 Road Glide Special