Inside Harley-Davidson

Enhancing brand access for a new generation of urban riders

New PDX Speed Shop ready to deliver




There’s a new Harley-Davidson® store opening its doors this spring that’s designed from top to bottom with a certain clientele in mind – young urban riders. With a less-is-more approach, the PDX Speed Shop in Portland, Ore., will display a handful of bikes at a time, most with smaller displacement engines ready for the urban landscape.

The new store stands in the heart of the city within the Pearl District and is designed to look less like a traditional dealership.


Walking into the store, customers will notice the raw, industrial feel formed by vintage and custom elements.


There’s a roll-up garage door for motorcycles, MotorClothes®  apparel displays showing off Black Label products, and a single-service bike lift for small custom jobs like changing handlebars and headlights.


“For the store to be profitable in the city, it needs to be small and targeted,” said Hal Roseberry, Harley-Davidson District Manager. “By opening a shop that’s designed for urban customers, we’re drawing them in and meeting them where they live, shop and play.”


Plans for the PDX Speed Shop were put into motion by Mike Durbin, owner and general manager of the nearby Paradise Harley-Davidson dealership. “Mike deserves a lot of credit for seeing value in this concept and for putting a great deal of time into this effort,” said Roseberry.


The shop is surrounded by high-end retail stores, pubs and cafes, making it an attractive area for young professionals. The concept was created in response to the new generation of urban riders and how they relate to the brand.


The PDX Speed Shop plans to have no more than 10 bikes on display, most being Harley-Davidson Street® and Sportster® models with customized options to get customers thinking about customizing their own.


“With space being a high commodity in the city, smaller motorcycles are what these riders want,” said Roseberry. “From navigating congested streets to the tight spots where riders are forced to park their bikes, smaller bikes suit the urban rider.”


The PDX Speed Shop wants the community to stop in, relax and start dreaming about their new bike. It even includes a coffee shop to give the neighborhood another reason to come and hang out.


“Everything the team put into this shop welcomes urban riders, giving them a store with their needs and preferences in mind,” said Roseberry.


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