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New 2016 product praised

Low Rider S named best cruiser motorcycle of 2016 by Cycle World


Last week, Cycle World revealed its 2016 Ten Best Bikes list, and the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S was named the best cruiser motorcycle of the year.

The motorcycle enthusiast magazine praised the Low Rider S, saying:


“It’s wholly appropriate that the cruiser class relies on a lot of black magic to crush the riding experience out of the park. Stopwatch? Scale? Stopping distance? Total engine smoothness? Those can be important, yes, because the motorcycle needs to work exceptionally well. And this one does—but it also needs to feel so good. And in 2016 no cruiser felt better than the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S. It has great brakes, a magnificently strong 110ci V-twin, ultra-fine-shifting six-speed gearbox, and rubber engine mounts that let that rich thump reach your body and soul in just the right amount. What really sets the Low Rider S apart is that you never forget what you are riding, and it always brings a smile to your face.”


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