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Motorcyclist magazine joins Cycle World in singing the bike’s praises

Low Rider® S named Best Cruiser...again


Motorcyclist magazine selected Harley-Davidson’s Low Rider S as Best Cruiser in its annual Motorcycle of the Year awards.


The magazine said of the Low Rider S:

“Power to weight applies just as well to cruisers as it does to sport bikes. It is, after all, the hot-rod formula: Drop the biggest engine you have into one of the lightest chassis you can make. Harley-Davidson, wisely, followed this formula to get the new Low Rider S. Matching the non-CVO 110ci Twin Cam engine to the relatively svelte Dyna chassis creates unexpectedly good synergies.”


This is the second time the Low Rider S has earned acclaim from motorcycle media. Earlier this year, Cycle World named it Best Cruiser on its “Ten Best Bikes” list.


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