Harley-Davidson sued the operator of this website for selling counterfeit Harley-Davidson jewelry, among other products.

On June 6, 2014, Harley-Davidson sued Julie Mayo, a/k/a Shelly LaRocca and d/b/a as West Coast Charms, 5th Avenue Pets, Charms from the Heart—the operator of this website. On October 16, 2014, the Court granted Harley-Davidson’s motion for default judgment against Mayo and ordered her to remove all counterfeit Harley-Davidson jewelry from this website and other sites, not offer or sell such products in the future, and pay Harley- Davidson damages totaling $750,000, among other things. A copy of the Order appears here.

As a result of Mayo’s failure to comply with the Court’s Order, the Court held Mayo in contempt and ordered, among other things, the transfer of this domain name and other domain names of Mayo to Harley-Davidson, and permitted Harley-Davidson to post this notice until Mayo

complies with all of  her obligations of the Court’s October 16, 2014 Order.  A copy of the Contempt Order appears here.


On July, 24, 2015, pursuant to an agreement reached by the parties, the Court vacated the default judgment against Mayo, among other things, but Mayo stipulated to entry of a permanent injunction enjoining Mayo from manufacturing, assembling, promoting, advertising, offering, selling, and distributing the counterfeit Harley-Davidson jewelry sold on this website.  In addition, pending a final disposition of this case, this domain name will remain in the possession of Harley-Davidson.  A copy of the July 24, 2015 Order appears here.