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Basic Requirements

In order to be considered as a potential Harley-Davidson® dealer, a candidate must meet the minimum eligibility requirements set forth by Harley-Davidson Motor Company. If such requirements are met, the candidate's information as submitted on the Prospective Dealer Application may be maintained in Harley-Davidson's prospect database for one year, in the event opportunities become available that meet candidate criteria submitted.

Although a prospect may meet Harley-Davidson's minimum financial requirements, this does not imply that the candidate will automatically meet the financial investment necessary for a particular dealership for sale. The initial financial investment for any dealership that is advertised on this web site could be substantially higher. Only those candidates who meet the unique financial requirements of a specific dealership will be contacted to discuss the specific opportunity. Contact by Harley-Davidson does not constitute dealer authorization or approval.

Sellout of Existing Dealership - If a potential candidate matches the criteria required for the purchase of an existing dealership, the potential candidate may be contacted for an interview. The investment requirements depend upon the asking price of the dealership. Additionally, Harley-Davidson has sellout investment requirements and debt to equity criteria that will have an impact on the final investment.

If interested, please complete the Prospective Dealer Application. Please also include a current resume.

New Dealership Location - Harley-Davidson completes market studies throughout the country to determine the need for new dealership locations based on market needs. Once a new point has been determined, Harley-Davidson searches its internal prospect database and also advertises in local and national newspapers to begin the interview process with potential candidates. The investment requirements for New Dealership Locations vary according to the market study information and industry data for each location.

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