Harley-Davidson Field Campaign No. 0300

Dear Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owners:


A field campaign is being initiated by Harley-Davidson India to check certain model year 2011 and 2012 Sportsters. Owners with vehicles included in the campaign will receive a notice by India Post SpeedPost and will also receive a call from their dealer to make an appointment.


The following information provides the background on the field campaign for all interested owners.

What is the Objective of the Field Campaign?


We have determined the rear fork/swingarm pivot bearings may have been seated incorrectly on some vehicles.  The resulting gap may allow the bearing to move inboard during vehicle operation, resulting in loss of pivot bolt clamp load.  If this condition remains undetected and the rear fork/swingarm pivot bolt completely disengages, this could lead to a loss of vehicle control. Harley-Davidson has voluntarily initiated this field campaign to correct this condition. 

What Should You Do?


Owners that receive a letter are requested to please contact your authorized Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer and arrange an appointment to have your motorcycle repaired.  Your dealer will also be calling owners proactively to confirm that your motorcycle is affected by this campaign and set-up appointments.

If it is affected, the dealer will remove the rear fork/swingarm, fully seat the bearings and reinstall the rear fork/swingarm. Actual dealer labor time to perform this service will be approximately 2 hours; however, due to scheduling the dealer may require your motorcycle for a longer period of time. The parts and labor will be free of charge to you.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers, but we are initiating this action in the interest of your personal safety and satisfaction with our products.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Harley-Davidson India