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  • What is the National Rally?

    The National H.O.G.® Rally is where you'll meet fellow members from all over India. The ride typically takes place in January/February each year during prime riding season. Plan now to satiate your appetite for adventure. 

  • What are International Rallies?

    Pick a continent and make an international H.O.G.® event part of your trip. Registration is handled at the specified H.O.G.® office for that region. 

  • What's a Zonal Ride?

    An event created as a harbinger to the great national hog rally. Dedicated to all the chapters in the zone. An annual event that is hosted by one of the chapters of the zone. Its created for the HOG members to come together and bond and share their experiences. There are 4 zonal rides every year.

  • What's a Chapter Event?

    Chapter-sponsored events take place locally and are open to all H.O.G.® members. Events include Sunday rides,signature rides, overnighters, holiday and charity events or anything else the chapter might dream up.

  • How do I register for events?

    You can register on-site for zonal  and national rallies. For other rides please contact your local chapter representative.