Harley-Davidson India extends Global Warranty Policy to customers in India. Where it is considered that market legislation or other constraints render these policies inappropriate to India following modifications are done to Global Warranty Policy:

  • Warranty is extended to Motorcycles/ P&A and GM sold by Authorized Dealers of Harley-Davidson India only. No warranty is extended to Motorcycles/P&A and GM procured through any other source.

  • To avail warranty for Motorcycles, customers are responsible for adhering to service schedule as follows:
    First Service: On or before competing 1600 Km or one month of delivery, whichever is earlier.

Second Service: On or before completing 8000 Km or six months from first service, whichever is earlier.

Third and each subsequent service: On or before completing 8000 Km after service or at a time gap of six months from previous service.

Also, Harley-Davidson offers P&A Custom Coverage program to customers in India. This program extends a two year warranty to all the P&A items purchased/ordered with purchase of a new Motorcycle or within 60 days of purchase of new Motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson India offers periodic or 'as required' maintenance or repair of Motorcycles, sold by Harley-Davidson India during and after warranty period Authorized Dealer Network. Service staffs at Authorized Dealers of Harley-Davidson India are trained on all the models of Harley-Davidson sold in the country. They are committed to provide quality service to customers all the time.

For Motorcycles not sold by Harley-Davidson India, Authorized Dealer Network Service staffs at dealership are not trained on those particular models and they may not have correct tools to repair such Motorcycles. However, Harley-Davidson India dealers may inspect such Motorcycles and advise customers with repair time and cost estimates after consulting with Service department at Harley-Davidson India. Harley-Davidson India doesn't extend warranty for any such repair.


  • Authorized Dealers of Harley-Davidson India will honor all Safety/security campaigns, irrespective of source of purchase for all customers.

  • Authorized Dealers of Harley-Davidson India will provide all possible warranty and service support to International riders coming to India for a ride on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.