Do I need to be a certain age before I can become a licensed motorcycle rider?
Yes. You must be at least 17 to learn to ride a motorcycle.

Do I need a provisional licence to learn or take a test?
Yes. You need a provisional Category A licence. This is either included in your full car licence or as part of a provisional licence. You can apply for a provisional licence online or by filling in the D1 application form from the DVLA or Post Office®

Can I learn on the road?
Before you can ride a motorcycle, scooter or moped on the road you have to complete Compulsory Basic Training at an approved training body (ATB).

How does the test work?
There’s more than one test. First, there’s the motorcycle theory test. When you’ve passed that, you’ve got two years to take your practical test. For the three practical test options, see the next question.

Is there more than one kind of licence?
Yes. Depending on the size of engine you want your bike to have, you can choose to train and take your test for an A1 or A2 Motorcycle Licence. Or, if you’re over 21, you can do Direct Access, meaning you train and take the test on a larger bike.

Where can I find the more detailed information on licensing and testing?
For the latest information on learning to ride a bike, have a look at

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