A Street surprise!


Duncan Mosely from Staffordshire definitely started the new year as he means to go on when he won a brand new Harley-Davidson Street® 750 motorcycle. His first day back in the office in January was certainly not a sad one, when his email revealed the news that he had been drawn as the winner from the Motorcycle Live competition to win the new metal.


Duncan – whose friends joked that he had no chance of winning, having never won more than £10 on the National Lottery – were as surprised as him when the congratulations email arrived.


It wasn’t long though before Duncan had planned his first ride-outs with mates – with his first trip being from the Midlands to North Wales! And his biker friends were surprised at the performance of the lean and nimble Street 750 and its ability to keep up with their larger 1250cc machines. He has already clocked up a couple of hundred miles in leisure riding in the first couple of weeks.


Although Duncan already owns other bikes, he has always wanted to own a Harley and he is enjoying the social life that comes with that ownership. He’s already actively participating with the local HOG® Chapter activities and is looking forward to buying a larger bike once he’s had time to enjoy his prize.


“Blimey that was a surprising start to the year and not at all what I expected!” said Duncan. “I’ve found the local dealership really friendly and I’m really enjoying the Harley social life. My ultimate Harley-Davidson fantasy would be to ride across America, from Utah to Los Angeles, but my next big ride plan is to get some more European miles on the clock. I’ve already visited the German Alps, Australian Alps, Amalfi Coast and many more on other bikes but I know the experience on a Harley will be something else!”


For 2016, the Dark Custom models have seen performance and styling enhancements throughout the range.


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