Chapters ready?!


In just 10 days’ time, registration will open for the year’s most fiercely contested  H.O.G.®  Chapter competition. The UK & Ireland National Chapter Challenge returns for 2016 with four Chapters vying to retain their 2015 titles – and many more trying to steal them away.


A total of 955 participants from 22 Chapters completed last year’s challenge, covering in excess of 4 million miles in total. It was Hogsback Chapter who contributed most miles – 692,762 to be exact – to secure a first-time highest mileage win, while 1066 Chapter managed to enter the most riders and win the most participants’ award. But Lakeside beat both to the crown for highest average mileage, achieving an average miles per rider of 7,123 miles on the Chapter’s first ever challenge participation.


Personal success was achieved by Albert Willsher who helped Invicta Chapter to the Top 10 combined mileage award with his highest individual mileage win with 22,943 miles accumulated through 2015. His impressive tally equated to almost 20% of Invicta Chapter’s top 10 combined mileage of 134,495. He and his nine fello high mileage riders have each received a special pin to mark the success.


Registration for this year starts on February 27 and mileage can be registered for the challenge from the registration date until 30 November 2016. Full details on how to get involved can be found at


Your Chapter’s pride is at stake!