Ride, eat, sleep, repeat… by way of a Harley-Davidson® Authorized Tour


Holiday time is important leisure time for everyone.  It offers us the chance to unwind, relax and escape the pressures of everyday life. At the same time it can mean going somewhere different, meeting interesting people and living a different lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be great, then, if you could combine holiday time with taking your Harley® out on the open road to clear cobwebs at every opportunity? In the UK or in foreign climes? Well, you can.


Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours are, as the name suggests, motorcycle tours for Harley-Davidson® fans and owners run by companies working in partnership with Harley-Davidson. Because of the association, you can be guaranteed the tours on offer are run to the highest standards with everything organised and placed for a fuss-free motorcycling holiday. But don’t just take our word for it…


In June of this year, journalist Nick Francis from that well-known daily newspaper The Sun, wanted to combine his love of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a holiday, and also wanted to include another love, his girlfriend. With limited time available, Nick was looking for a getaway on mainland Europe. The website pages for Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours turned up quite a few ideal breaks and Nick started delving through all of the information on offer. He finally selected a tour entitled ‘Habsburg Empire’ - eight days riding through Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, starting and finishing in Vienna, plus two days’ rest. The tour, organised by Authorized operator Edelweiss Bike Travel, was booked.


Nick’s review of his touring holiday left the reader in no doubt how much he and his good lady enjoyed travelling to towns, cities and villages they would ordinarily never get to see. Plus they got to meet, ride and spend leisure time with similar-minded people from other countries.


Nick’s tour also included the hire of a 2015 model Harley-Davidson and a support vehicle to carry, if required, additional luggage. “Great riding aside,” reported Nick, the beauty of a motorbike tour is the chance it gives you to meet like-minded folk. The motorbike is more than just a vehicle. It is a way to connect with people and swap stories of travel and adventure.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Thanks Nick.


Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours come in all shapes and sizes, and extend across many continents. Currently, for European tours, the official Harley-Davidson tours website shows there are 23 tours available between August and September 2015, These range from tours of the UK, Rome, Germany, Sweden and many others. Most of these include the hire of a Harley-Davidson  with quality stopover points assured. English-speaking guides will always be in attendance. There are also unguided tours, where your point of aim is where you go. The associated tour operator will have great experience with such tours and can advise you on the best spots to visit and stay.


For anyone looking to go further afield, Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours also take place in such exotic locations as Africa, Australia/New Zealand and North & South America. Harley-Davidson Tours are highly regarded as the perfect way to see the world while riding a Harley. Ride, eat, sleep, repeat… and all on a Harley-Davidson – sounds good, doesn’t it?


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