There’s only one way to really understand Harley-Davidson®. Ride one.


That unmistakable roar, the head-turning looks, the sense of owning the road. There are many motorcycles out there, but very few evoke the feelings of a Harley-Davidson. When it comes to buying and owning a motorcycle, there is so much choice available. But when it comes to custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has over 112 years of experience woven into its large range of machines. This means there is a Harley for just about everyone. So why not ride one before you buy?


“There are those who don’t like Harley and there are those who have ridden one…” – that’s what one motorcycle journalist told us at a recent event, so we’re putting it to the test this July and welcoming all riders into our dealerships – especially those who haven’t yet put their opinion of our motorcycles to the test.


We’re so confident in the smile-inducing capabilities of our new metal that we‘re challenging those of you who haven’t ridden a Harley to come and give one a try and tell us how it made you feel. Take a test ride on one of the many demonstrators our dealers have in store and, in return, we’ll give you £20* upon your return to fuel up and see how your bike compares on the ride home.


The test ride offer is running across our full UK and Ireland dealer network and is available to riders who take a test ride on a new Harley and complete a feedback form in the dealership between Wednesday 1 July and Sunday 2 August 2015.


We appreciate that you may not share our opinion so our test ride challenge to riders who dismiss Harley gives us the opportunity to gather the opinions that count – yours. The development of some of our most recent bikes and concepts, including the Project Rushmore Touring range and the LiveWire electric motorcycle, were the result of an evolving customer-led process and underline the importance of real rider feedback.


A large number of motorcyclists have never visited a Harley-Davidson dealer let alone ridden a Harley, but they will have preconceptions about H-D, which do not reflect reality. We are confident that our current range offers a great riding and owning experience for all types of riders. Test ride a Harley-Davidson today and understand what makes riding Harleys a unique experience.


Book your test ride now.