Customer showcase demonstrated art of Harley

Oxford (23 October 2013) - When artist M.J. Westley bought his first Harley from Warr’s Kings Road dealership in the 1970s he didn’t realise how life-changing the experience would be. The adventures he enjoyed on that bike and the Harleys he has had since, have helped shape the work that he has created during his impressive career, which includes winning the illustrious Guinness Royal Academy Award.

Next month, Westley will return to the Warr’s landmark King’s Road showroom that he now knows so well, to showcase 29 pieces of original art in a unique event that takes a revolutionary approach to traditional art exhibitions.

In a modern twist on conventional art viewings, the dealership, better known for its unique, custom motorcycle creations will open its doors to art connoisseurs of a different kind as it temporarily becomes an art gallery that enables visitors to experience the artist’s original inspiration.

Some of M.J Westley’s pieces will be able to be viewed from the seat of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, helping the viewer to connect with the emotional experience that inspired the work.

Originally specialising in highly detailed figurative pencil drawings, M.J. Westley employs various combinations of colour and technique to create his bold mixed media works inspired by dramatic landscapes both here in the UK and overseas.

Visitors to the exclusive preview event on 7 November and subsequent two-day public exhibition will also have the opportunity to appreciate a selection of rare vintage Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, dating back to the 1900s.