A true Harley-Davidson convert

Oxford (29 April 2013) - For many riders, choosing a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is a real lifestyle choice, while to some, simply riding a Harley down along an open road with a bunch of mates just makes sense. After years riding sports bikes, Jamie Prescott recently made the switch to a Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® – and hasn’t looked back…

Why did you choose to switch to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? 
There were a number of factors that led me to change to a Fat Bob® – road conditions aren’t great for one, and I was finding that after an hour on my sports bike, I needed to get off and stretch my legs. I was really keen to do some more long distance riding – in comfort.

Although I initially thought Harleys weren’t for me, the more I looked into the brand and its stunning bikes the more I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

Why did you choose a Fat Bob? 
It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I spoke to a number of people and did lots of research into the Dyna models. I really have a passion for speed and in terms of the performance I was looking for, the Dyna models seemed like a perfect fit for me – they corner well and have good ground clearance and all-round performance.

What do you like most about riding a Harley? 
I used to look for certain roads on a sports bike, like twisty ones with undulating corners, as I knew I needed a certain type to really enjoy myself. But now I ride a Harley, every road is my favourite road. The smile factor is there all the time. Although I wouldn’t rule out ever having another sports bike, I’d only use it on the track, where you can really use its power to the full advantage.

I have a lot of friends from all backgrounds with all types of bikes and we enjoy riding out together.

Do you have any plans for customising your bike? 
Although I’ve always swapped and changed my bikes a lot – as I get pretty bored – I’m intending on keeping my Fat Bob for a long time to come! I’m planning on powder coating the wheels black in the near future too.

Jamie Prescott