Spring clothing clear out…

Oxford (11 February 2013) - It’s that time of year when you look at your bulging wardrobes and overflowing drawers and think to yourself about having a good clean out. The beginning of the year marks a time for a fresh start for many and is often a time to streamline your gear and get yourself prepped and ready for the year ahead. Not only that, but imagine clearing out your unwanted clothing and knowing that it will benefit someone in need? From the beginning of February until the end of April, you can do just that in your local Harley-Davidson® dealership…

So, you’ve got a big pile of unused clothing: jeans, jumpers, leather jackets and even helmets. Stuff that you used to like or used to fit you, that now no longer does. What do you do next? Head down to your local Harley-Davidson dealership and drop them into the donation boxes that will be placed in the store and give yourself a pat on the back. The dealership staff will also give you a pat on the back, but that’s not it… if you choose to treat yourself there and then they will also give you something extra to make you smile*.

Harley-Davidson have teamed up with the Salvation Army, to ensure that some good comes of you guys emptying your wardrobes and the donated clothing will wing its way to the nearest charity clothing shop to the dealership to be to be given to people in need of help or sold to support the charity.

Some come on, get rid of some unwanted clothing over the next few months and help out someone less fortunate– you’ll feel great!

Salvation Army

*For further information call into your local dealership