Ask the expert

Oxford (16 July 2012) - Last month, we asked you to submit your burning questions to Harley-Davidson UK, Brand Manager, Parts, Accessories and General Merchandise, Allan Brownridge. And, after being inundated with queries about all things parts and accessories, Allan chose some of the top ones to answer this month…

1. I have a Softail Heritage Classic motorcycle, but I have short legs and have to stretch and lean over to reach the stand with my foot. What can I do to so that I can easily reach the side stand?

You don’t say what year your bike is, but we do have a solution for every model year going back to 1986! You can either choose an extension to your existing side stand or replace it with a longer one. Check out part no. 50000005 for the extended jiffy stand, no. 50233-00 for 86-06 Softail models and no. 50000008 for ’07 and later models.

2. I have a 1998 FLSTS Heritage Springer with 17,000 miles on the clock. Being a bit traditional (old) I have debated long and hard about fitting the Screamin’ Eagle cylinder heads and carb kit (for the 1340 Evo) I have sitting in my garage. How much of a difference would fitting these parts change my old machine from its original look? I’m not worried about the work involved as some chrome work needs doing anyway, but decisions take longer at my age!

First question you have to resolve is whether the benefits of fitting the new kit are greater than keeping the bike in its original state? What are you hoping to get out of this upgrade other than using the parts that you have in the garage? Are you unhappy with the present performance of your bike?

Fitting Screamin’ Eagle heads (you don’t say what specification they are) and carb kit will only really deliver the best benefit of more power and torque if they are part of a bigger picture. You don’t say what air cleaner or pipes you are running, but these are critical in getting the right air/fuel mix into the engine, and then the exhaust gasses back out. Updating the heads and carb kit may not deliver much – indeed on their own they may reduce the efficiency and smooth running of the engine.

Unless this upgrade is part of a bigger project which starts with a freer flowing air filter, bigger carb, higher compression pistons and heads and freer flowing pipes, I would recommend you stick with the original engine that you have. At 17,000 miles I think it’s almost run-in!

3. I have a 2012 883 Iron and the front indicators are attached to the main switch housing by a silver-coloured metal rod. This rod has a ball end with a grub screw, and I would be interested in purchasing a pair of longer rods if possible?

We don’t offer longer rods as those you describe, but do offer a relocation kit which moves the indicators to the lower triple tree. Part no. 68643-09 is the black version that would really complement your Iron.