Touring made easy…

Oxford (11 June 2012) - The summer season is well and truly upon us and many of us have spent all year planning to pack our panniers for the open road. It’s the best chance we’ll get to spend quality time with our Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and our route is already mapped out to precise detail!

Our Genuine Parts and Accessories can make touring even easier – but with an extensive range including hundreds of items, where do you start? We spoke to some Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners before they embarked on their summer tours to see if we could make their trip even more comfortable…

I have panniers and luggage already and don’t want to add more to my bike but there isn’t enough room for all my things. I don’t want to take a rucksack – what else could I do? 

Packing ‘light’ for many of us is a challenge, and attempting to squash your rain suit into your already bulging panniers can be a real headache. However, we do have a space-saving option for those who like to keep things organised and make the most of the luggage space available.

Our shrink sacks, available in three sizes, are a brand new addition to our 2012 catalogue – check out how they work on our You Tube channel. Simply put your items inside, zip up the bag and squeeze out all the air. The same number of items take up less room – perfect!

What’s more, if you book a personal consultation at one of our dealerships before 31 July, you’ll receive a complimentary Harley-Davidson® shrink sack to help you on your way!

I really like to look after my bike and try to keep it as clean and shiny as I can. But my wife keeps scuffing the top of the pannier with her boots, is there anything I can do about it? 

The Saddlebag Lid paint protector kit is the best solution for this problem. Available in packs of four, this transparent film does the job by protecting saddlebag lids from boot scuffs, road debris, keys and jacket zippers.

In addition to this, the optical properties of this aerospace-grade paint protection film will help disguise any existing flaws there are. What’s more, it can be easily removed when it is no longer perfect and replaced with another! It’s the perfect solution as it keeps your bike looking great without changing the look of your motorcycle.

I really like to get away somewhere different when I head out on my bike and like to meet up with other Harley-Davidson® riders but sometimes find it hard to find my way around. How can I do this easily without having to stop all the time and get a big map out? 

There’s nothing worse than wanting to explore but being held back by not knowing your way. The Road Tech Zumo 660 GPS Navigator from Harley-Davidson is an easy solution to your problem. With all the functions of a regular sat nav – and more – you can easily find your way around on two wheels (or four) as you can even use it in your car!

If you want to travel further than Western Europe you can download any map from pretty much anywhere in the world from the Garmin website to your own unit, so there’s no limit to where your adventures can take you. You don’t even need to worry about taking your gloves off as the touch-screen is glove-friendly. It also boasts an inbuilt Harley-Davidson® dealer database so you will be able to track down your nearest dealer wherever you are. What are you waiting for? Get exploring!

Whenever I load up my bike with my pillion and luggage for a tour it adds extra weight to my beloved bike, I love my Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and don’t want to swap it for another model, but I would like a little bit more grunt so that I can perform the same manoeuvres with the same confidence. Is there anything I can do? 

We understand that some Harley-Davidson® riders can get attached to their bikes and not want to exchange them, so an engine upgrade can be a good compromise. Available in different levels, you can decide how much power you want for your pride and joy. By using a Harley-Davidson® engine upgrade you can be assured that they have been engineered by the people who built your bike and have been tested extensively to ensure superior reliability and EPA compliance. So go on, treat yourself and upgrade your enjoyment levels.